Graham & Brown Goes Mobile-First With Monetate

Graham & Brown, a seven-time CoolBrands winner that stocks wallpaper designs by British designers Kelly Hoppen and Julien MacDonald, is leading the interior design trend that has seen a substantial revival in wallpaper as a fashionable design element in homes. Since its inception in 1946, Graham & Brown has gone on to become the world’s leading wallpaper brand, available in over 50 countries.

Graham & Brown had seen a significant shift since 2012 in how consumers purchase, firstly from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping, and most recently from desktop to mobile devices. With these changes in consumer shopping habits, and mobile increasingly taking the lead, Graham & Brown recognized the potential of online to enable them to get the latest products in front of customers quicker than ever before — but also realized that they needed to ensure that their digital channels were meeting the needs of their customers.

Success with Strategy

Monetate All-In-One Action

  • Tested several changes to Graham & Brown’s mobile experience, including changing color of buttons, reducing the vertical length of product pages, and altering how recommended alternative products displayed.
  • Conducted a trial on the U.S. site to increase data capture with pop-ups with incentives for email list signups.
  • Working with Monetate enables Graham & Brown to engage with customers better and track individual shopping behavior.

Incorporating a personalization technology solution would help Graham & Brown pinpoint areas where the site experience could be streamlined to be more relevant and engaging, in order to better meet the needs of both U.K. and overseas customers.

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Changing Up the Mobile Experience

We leveraged Automated Personalization to:

Increase in AOV

in the U.K.

Increase in AOV

in the U.S.

Increase in Conversion

on mobile

We went back to basics to make effective changes to the mobile experience

Graham & Brown tested changing the color of the mobile ‘add-to-basket’ button.

Another change that brought significant benefit was reducing the vertical length of the product pages on mobile by altering how the the recommended alternative products displayed.

Graham & Brown also conducted a trial on the U.S. site to increase data capture. Pop-ups were placed on the site for new visitors, with the incentive of a discount for visitors who signed up for the email list.

“Working with Monetate has allowed us to engage with our customers a lot better and also track an individual’s shopping behavior. It is this analysis that has allowed us to understand that many sessions on connected devices – mobile and tablets – are dominated by younger, tech-savvy shoppers. This data has resulted in fundamental changes to both sites.”


Customer Journey Executive, Graham & Brown

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If you’re investing in personalization and testing, you need a powerful platform to help you get the most out of what you are doing. Monetate does that and helps us lead the market.

STEPHANIE NASH, Customer Journey Executive, Graham & Brown
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