Segment and Target Across Custom and Automated Audiences

Our audience segmentation tool empowers marketers to get smarter about their customers. It delivers quick and painless results.

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Segment and Target Across Custom and Automated Audiences

Tailor Onsite Experience to Social Media Traffic & More 

Hannah Twaites, Digital Trading Manager, details how Bulk™ created and delivered end-to-end personalized experiences tailored to Instagram followers of various brand ambassadors.

Make Customer-Informed Decisions & Deliver Repeatable Results

With Monetate’s customer segmentation and targeting tools you can identify key segments, test different approaches, and drive the results that you need to grow customer loyalty and top-line revenue.

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Maximize Channel Performance

Visitors exposed to targeted digital journeys convert at a higher rate than those treated with a one-size-fits-all experience.

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See ROI From Your Data & Content

Use your customer data for targeting and start maximizing the impact of your creative assets by tailoring the content you show to different audiences.

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Create Loyal Audiences

Treat your audience base with relevant experiences that remove friction from purchasing journeys, and they will become loyal, repeat customers.

Easily Target, Segment, & Optimize Personalized Experiences

Monetate customer segmentation software makes it easy to deliver content to custom or automated groups of all sizes, no coding skills required.

  • Target, segment, and keep experiences consistent across: in-store, web, email, and apps.
  • Use over 150 ready-to-go targeting context criteria to start optimizing experiences fast.
  • Connect pre and post-click campaigns with AdLink to pull data from paid media.
  • Get smarter about your audiences with real-time comprehensive analytics.
Personalized Search Personalization Platform

Targeting & Segmentation: Part of a Merchandising, Testing, and Personalization Platform

The ability to deliver targeted messages to the right audience is part of our enterprise personalization platform. Some capabilities include:

Hone Your CX With Customer Targeting & Segmentation Software

Customize website content, product recommendations, and messaging based on segment preferences and behaviors.