Offer AI-Powered Discovery With Personalized Search

Personalize site search and product discovery using real-time shopping intent and historical data.

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Offer AI-Powered Discovery With Personalized Search

Identify and Adapt to Every Customer

At the core of Monetate is state-of-the-art tech that caters to on-the-spot search intent.

Leverage in-session behavioral data, like clicks or queries, or contextual data, like weather patterns or geo-location, for unparalleled experiences.

  • Advanced Natural Language Processing – Decipher the intent and nuances from every search query, facilitating meaningful results.
  • Market-Leading Machine Learning – Dynamically optimize customer interactions in-session to increase conversion and AOV.

Leverage Superior Personalization and Testing

Monetate Personalized Search is complemented by integrated solutions, including Automated Personalization, AB and Dynamic Testing, and Segmentation and Targeting.

  • Tailor the search journey through AI-infused personalization.
  • Define unique discovery experiences for distinct customer segments.
  • Optimize continually for maximum ROI with rigorous testing.

Improve Business Results with Personalized Search Results

Dramatically improve search on your eCommerce site search.

With our personalized site search it’s easy to:

Personalized Search Monetate ecommerce

Spark Discovery

Personalized search delivers more relevant experiences that result in higher engagement and increased conversion.


Offer Relevancy

Curate engaging digital journeys that continuously learn and optimize experiences based on customer behavior and data.


Deliver Seamless Experiences

Site search fits with other personalization and optimization strategies leading to a more relevant, targeted, and engaging experience for your customers.

Curate the most powerful end-to-end digital merchandising and discovery solution.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Search Providers


Powerful Personalization

Our engine powers all Monetate actions and solutions, offering best-in-class experiences tailored to customer needs.


Heightened Relevancy of Outputs

Ensure maximum relevancy with a holistic set of built-in capabilities like auto-generated synonyms or AI-powered auto tuning.

Personalized Search Monetate Personalization

More Visibility & Control Over Decisions

Easily boost specific brands or categories to align with promotional campaigns or business guardrails.

Hit Your KPIs With a Suite of Personalized Search Tools

Personalized Site Search

Deliver hyper-relevant results by personalizing the search experience for each visitor.

Personalized Auto Suggest

Display instant visual results, based on behavioral outcomes as visitors type partial or full search terms.

Personalized Category Pages

Dynamically sort the product grid on category or sub-category pages for each visitor by analyzing in-session behavior to predict intent.

Product Finders & Gift Finders

Engage shoppers by asking questions, capturing explicit insights, and then helping narrow down options to products that are the best match.

Product Finder Results in up to 25% Click-Through Conversion Rate

A leading skincare brand used Monetate Product Finder to help shoppers navigate a large catalog and to add a key level of engagement to the shopping experience.

The Skincare Finder assists shoppers by displaying skin care products based on the finder’s answers.

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Personalized Search: Part of a Merchandising, Testing, and Personalization Platform

Monetate Personalized Search is available through the same integrated UI as our other platform solutions:

Better Results With Personalized Search

Offer hyper-relevant personalized site search and discovery for each visitor through a combination of keyword data, customer profiles and business rules.