We're building the future of personalization

Every day at Monetate, the brightest individuals from around the world come together to envision and build the future of customer experience personalization. If you love the excitement of working in a fast-paced environment and collaborating with diverse teams, you’ll fit right in.

We're building the future of personalization

The Monetate Hiring Philosophy is:

Values First

We look for high integrity people who are here to win, are relentlessly client focused, have each other’s backs, act like owners, and truly love what they do.

Hire for Potential

When identifying great talent, we believe that previous experience is less important than potential for growth and impact. We care more about how high you can go than about where you’ve come from.

Seek Diversity

We grow teams of individuals who bring different styles, perspectives, experiences, skills, demographics, and personalities. We believe that diversity — in all its forms — promotes innovation and better business outcomes, in addition to creating a better work environment for everyone.

Be Inspired

We seek team members who inspire us in some way, big or small. It could be a personal passion, a professional skill, or simply an infectious optimism. We don’t settle for “the person can do the job”: being inspired is as important to us as being impressed!