Scale Beyond Segmentation With an Automated Personalization Engine

Deploy the optimal personalized experience to all audiences across all touchpoints.

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Automated Personalization Platform

Offer a Personal Touch With 1-to-1 Personalization

Your customers are expecting hyper-relevant experiences and segmentation alone just isn’t scalable.

That’s why Monetate’s Automated Personalization engine enables you to show each visitor a personalized experience based on everything you know about them.

300% ROI was achieved by 51% of marketers who implemented an end-to-end personalization strategy.

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Harness AI to Deliver Personalized Experiences That Exceed Benchmarks

From homepage hero to in-store kiosk, set a goal like ‘increasing conversion rate,’ ‘reducing bounce rate,’ or ‘improving engagement’ and Monetate’s 1-to-1 personalization will help you get there by serving the right experience to each visitor every time.

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Leverage Machine Learning

Machine-driven experiences will always optimize toward your given goal, whether that’s increasing conversion, reducing bounce, or a custom metric.

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Do More With Your Data

Utilize powerful OOTB targets alongside feeding in your valuable 1st – or 3rd-party data to add another layer of intelligence. Feed insights back into other programs and initiatives.

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Get Maximum ROI From Your Content

Your content is valuable, so ensure that each creative asset is being shown to the right visitor at the most optimal time through tailored 1-to-1 personalization.

Easy-to-Use, Scalable Personalization for eCommerce

Monetate makes it easy to automatically deliver content to custom or automated groups of all sizes, no coding skills required.

  • Deliver the most relevant experience to each visitor, no matter the channel.
  • Empower your team with a robust marketer-friendly interface.
  • Combine customer and 3rd-party data with OOTB behavioral targets.
  • Get smarter about your audiences, using powerful analytics and reporting to dig into the performance of experiences.
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Reebok Uses Machine Learning to Adapt to Changing Customer Intent Across Seasons

With each personalized experience, they were able to gain customer insights, creating a positive cycle that will drive continued improvement.

Additionally, learning how to optimize experiences in one market allowed Reebok to roll out the same personalization strategy in a variety of other regions.

Check Out the Case Study

“We worked with Monetate to deliver personalization across the customer journey. Delivering better CX results in direct improvements to key metrics.”

Marco Fazio

Global Manager Conversion Optmization

See How Reebok Succeeded

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Automated Personalization: Part of a Personalization Platform

The ability to deliver targeted messages to the right audience is part of a total automated personalization platform built customized to your unique needs.

Dynamic Testing Personalization Platform

1-to-1 Personal Shopping. Hone Your CX With Automated Personalization

Our technology is at the cutting edge of personalization. It delivers quick and painless results. See how it’s part of the total Monetate platform.

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