Reach Peak CX and ROI With A/B Testing & Experimentation

Eliminate guesswork and boost KPIs with business-focused A/B testing tools.

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Make Data-Driven, AI-Powered Decisions

A robust testing program is the foundation to creating a data-driven culture across your organization.

Businesses constantly need to be optimizing their CX in order to remain competitive.

With Monetate, experimentation is made both easy for non-coders to use but also flexible enough to work for technical users too.

Deploy Experiences Fast Anywhere

Monetate easily connects to tech stacks to help you see ROI sooner and with less resources

Maximize ROI With Machine Learning

Machine-driven tests will always optimize toward your given goal, whether that’s increasing conversion, reducing bounce, or a custom metric

Collect Customer Insights

With democratized, real-time analytics, you can remove
customer insight silos and enable business users to react
to insights when they matter most

Testing Yields Important Findings When Replatforming

Experimentation Manager Mike describes how indispensable and important testing with Monetate Personalization has been for apparel brand New Look at they replatform.

Add Testing to Your Personalization Strategy

Monetate provides a variety of testing capabilities from standard A/B tests, A/B/n tests, multivariate tests, client, server-side, or hybrid testing, and dynamic or “AI-driven” testing.

  • Test any part of any digital experience on any channel
  • Enable testing across your organization: from marketing to product to support
  • Connect easily with other parts of your tech stack with our extensive integrations and APIs

Our A/B testing tools are designed to make it easy to monitor campaigns, collect relevant data, and make better decisions.

Powerful Set of Testing & Optimization Tools

A/B testing gives you the data. The rest of our experimentation and optimization tools help you make it work better.

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Robust A/B, A/B/n & MVT Testing

Easily launch tests to optimize messaging, product recommendations, social proof, and more. Optimize against OOTB or custom metrics.

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ML-Powered Dynamic Testing

Dynamic Tests analyze experience results in real time and automatically adjust variant distribution and downplay low performers.

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Segmented Experiences

Test and deliver content to custom or automated groups. Upload your own data or utilize over 150 OOTB targets, like: geography or weather.

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Omnichannel Reach

Deploy experiences across all channels: in-store, online, via email, in call centers and on apps. Become smarter about your customers and optimize CX.

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Improved Page Load Speed

With a lightweight tag, Monetate is the least impactful CRO tool on page load speed on the market and clients have the stats to prove it.

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Analytics & Insights

Comprehensive analytics, detailing statistical significance, impact to both out-of-the-box and custom metrics, and next best action, updated in real time.

Easy Testing & Reporting Make It Easy for Darn Tough to Increase AOV 12%

The sock manufacturer implemented a series of tests at critical touchpoints, including special offers during the winter holiday season.

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Always Be Sure With A/B Testing

It’s easy to spend hours or days agonizing over a message. It’s easy to hope your efforts drive conversions.

But with our A/B testing software, you don’t have to hope. With Monetate’s Testing & Experimentation, teams can easily test at scale to validate that the changes they intend to make to a brand’s eCommerce site are worth the investment.

Robust Testing: Part of a Personalization Platform

The ability to make data-driven decisions through experimentation is part of a total automated personalization platform built customized to your unique needs.

Experience Data-Driven Growth With A/B Testing Software

Our technology is at the cutting edge of personalization. It delivers quick and painless results. See how it’s part of the total Monetate platform.

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