Evaluate End-To-End Customer Behavior With Journey Analytics

View and examine the resulting journeys of Monetate Experiences, even across testing variants, with journey analytics software.

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Evaluate End-To-End Customer Behavior With Journey Analytics

Enable Improved Delivery of End-To-End Customer Experiences

With competition growing and brand loyalty plummeting, businesses face mounting pressure to better understand their customers.

Monetate Journey Analytics shows you where a particular journey is taking audiences across an experience or variant.

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of how browser and buyer segments are interacting throughout journeys as a result of the experiments and experiences launched through Monetate.


Quick Learnings For Improved Journeys

With no additional configuration or setup needed, Journey Analytics is available OOTB for every new Monetate-launched experience for quick results and evaluation.

Other benefits include:

  • Holistic views of customer behaviors across touchpoints
  • New testing and personalization opportunities
  • Discovery of friction points, leaky funnels
  • Easy comparison of journeys across testing variants

Build Better Personalization Roadmaps

Journey Analytics gives you the insights you need to make informed decisions regarding each interaction your customers make on your site.

This analytics tool exposes how visitors behave throughout their entire journey in an experience from first click to last, resulting in improved program learnings.

  • Examine customer paths and flows using our Sankey Diagram, a user-friendly visualization tool.
  • For granular insights, configure your journeys across filter selections, like metrics, customer types, and end points.
  • Explore how customer behaviors varied across multiple versions of an experience.
  • Get a full look at what’s happening across any page of your choosing, selecting from a list of our default platform metrics (sessions, conversion rate, etc.).

Journey Analytics: Part of a Merchandising, Testing, and Personalization Platform

The ability to view how customers are behaving across Monetate-enabled journeys is part of a total enterprise personalization platform. More capabilities include:

Gain Customer Clarity With Journey Analytics

Uncover leaky funnels and key testing opportunities.