Scale Your Merchandising Expertise With Monetate Dynamic Bundles

Build curated product sets, like Complete the Look, more efficiently through a combo of merchandiser expertise and AI.

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Scale Your Merchandising Expertise With Monetate Dynamic Bundles

Harness the Power of Automated Product Bundling

Monetate Dynamic Bundles allow merchandisers to build complementary product sets automatically. These sets can help digital teams:

  • Increase catalog exposure
  • Lift CVR and AOV
  • Improve item findability
  • Differentiate your brand across customer journeys

Maximize Ecommerce Impact With Dynamic Bundles

Beyond saving lots of precious time, users of Dynamic Bundles stand to gain untold advantages, including: 

  • Higher Revenue
  • Increased Catalog Exposure 
  • Empowered Digital Merchandising Teams 
  • Improved Merchandising KPIs 
  • Better Brand Storytelling 
  • Happier Customers 
  • And More 

Adopting Dynamic Bundles as part of your merchandising strategy is not just about automation—it’s about revolutionizing the way your digital teams function, about driving sales, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

“Monetate continues to be a strategic partner of Landmark Group and we are looking forward to launching Dynamic Bundles, helping us to continue to improve across all areas of the customer experience.

James Dickson, Chief Product Officer, Landmark Group
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Build & Scale Dynamic Bundles Across Every Industry

Any business that prioritizes brand storytelling in the customer journey and/or possesses a large product catalog can benefit from Dynamic Bundles 

With Dynamic Bundles you can offer: 

Dynamic Bundles provide a versatile solution tailored to the unique demands of various industries, ensuring enhanced customer experiences and optimized product showcases, regardless of the market niche.

Dynamic Bundles: Part of a Merchandising, Testing, and Personalization Platform

The ability to scale the creation and promotion of curated product sets is part of an enterprise personalization platform. Some other capabilities include:

Increase Catalog Exposure With Dynamic Bundles

Achieve a higher percentage of catalog coverage with AI.