Learn From Over 40 Monetate Client-Proven Best Practices All Leading to Millions in Incremental Annual Revenues

The Unrivaled Personalization Playbook

You’re no longer the coolest, most informed marketer at the party if you know that optimization and personalization deliver substantial revenue lifts.

According to research from McKinsey, companies that grow faster are driving 40% more of their revenue from personalization when compared to their slower-growing counterparts.

But, contrary to the substantial evidence showing the impact of personalization, there’s a serious lack of actionable help showing data- driven insights on where and how to deliver powerful personalized experiences across the digital journey.

Monetate has been helping forward-thinking, leading businesses exceed their KPIs and wow their customers for almost 20 years.

That’s a long time.

In this personalization playbook, we’ve pulled together our greatest hits and best ideas from our extensive 20 years of experience working with leading brands and businesses.

Monetate’s powerful machine learning and automated personalization and product recommendations are what makes us unique. It’s where we’ve honed our best ideas and learned what it really takes to drive revenue and to perfect the customer journey.

It’s all here in this single personalization playbook.

From your Homepage through Checkout, we’re revealing the best practices and which exact experiences we’ve seen work for the best brands, including Reebok, Office Depot, and Lufthansa Group.

You’ll also find definitions of the different tactics available, alongside our suggested key best practices when implementing optimization and personalization strategies.