Reebok Uses Machine Learning to Adapt to Changing Customer Intent Across Seasons

Reebok has a lofty goal: to become the most personalized sporting goods brand in the world. To achieve this, the company partnered with Monetate to leverage rich customer insights to deliver scalable personalization to shoppers.

With millions of customers around the world, Reebok knew that cookie-cutter messaging and marketing wouldn’t help them meet their goal of becoming the personalization leader in their category. So, Reebok identified three main objectives they’d need to meet in order to drive deeper onsite engagement, create more valuable customer relationships, and achieve their ambitious goal.

  1. Double Down on AI to predict consumer intent and drive personalization at scale
  2. Create a one-to-one journey that is relevant and consistent across all touchpoints
  3. Use explicit and implicit consumer data effectively from various sources

Using segmented experiences and Monetate Automated Personalization, Reebok drove better customer experiences and also gained valuable insights about different customer segments that will help drive strategy and improve business results in 2021.

Success with Strategy

Monetate All-In-One Action

  • Unique homepage carousels with gifts were delivered during key holiday shopping seasons
  • Dynamic product pages were designed for each customer
  • Personalized homepage experiences were tailored for returning customers, powered by data science

Reebok leveraged Monetate’s market-leading personalization platform to deliver different customer experiences, each designed to personalize key elements of their site.

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Delivered Hyper-Personalization at Scale

Customer and Third-Party Data Combined with Monetate’s Out-of-the-Box Behavioral Targets Resulted in:

Lift in RPS over Black Friday 2020
Increase in ATC
Improvement in CTR

We set up Automated Personalization using machine learning to deliver the most relevant experience to each visitor, no matter the channel

Rather than continue to focus on individual channels, Reebok’s teams collaborated to better understand how to personalize experiences across digital channels.

With the help of Monetate, Reebok created three different personalization experiences that achieved notable results.

“We worked with Monetate to deliver personalization across the different parts of the customer journey. An explicit learning of our efforts is that delivering better customer experiences results in direct improvements to key metrics.”


Global Manager Conversion Optimization, Reebok

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It was important for us to have a data strategy that used both explicit and implicit insights to find the sweet spot between delivering what the customer would like to see and inferring what would be best to show them and personalizing the experience accordingly.

MARCO FAZIO, Global Manager Conversion Optimization Reebok
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