Optimize Goals in Real Time With Dynamic Testing Software

Maximize ROI and minimize CX risk with dynamic tests.

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Optimize Goals in Real Time With Dynamic Testing Software

Dynamic Testing Lets You Learn at the Speed of AI

Unlike with A/B testing, you don’t have to wait to reach significance with Dynamic Tests.

Optimize toward your given goal automatically with Monetate’s AI, whether that’s increasing conversion, reducing bounce, or any other custom metric.

Why Dynamic Testing v. A/B Testing?

Dynamic testing is best deployed when your goal is to find a clear winner.

Based on your results, Monetate Personalization then shows all of your traffic the winning variant to maximize performance. This is the ideal scenario if you want to drive maximum ROI and test content within a small window of time.


  • Dynamic Testing is good for one-to-many personalization over a short time period
  • Can be used for optimization and personalization
  • Drives maximum ROI
  • Ideal when you aren’t sure what your audience wants to see (e.g. homepage masthead creative, or a change in the checkout)


  • Dynamic Tests can run instead of an A/B test when there is a smaller volume of traffic to a page
  • Small volumes will take a long time to or may never reach significance in an A/B test
  • All performance metrics are available to view but are not as robust statistically as in an A/B test
  • Model updates every 5 minutes for real-time dynamic adjustment

Should I Run a Dynamic Test or an A/B Test?

Not sure which type of test is best? This chart will help you decide between running a standard A/B test vs. a dynamic test.


Standard A/B Test Dynamic Test
  • Makes one decision
  • One-to-Many Decisions
  • Static: Assumes Nothing Changes
  • Adaptive: Reacts to Changes in Behavior
  • Thoughtful Experiment Design & Tactics: Sample Size Calculator, Goals, & Conditions
  • Just Tactics: Goals & Conditions
  • Significance: “Measure of Surprise.”
  • Probability: “Chance the leader is actually the best and driving ROI, given everything we know.”
  • Reach Significance, Stop, Promote
  • Continuous Testing and Learning Drives More ROI
  • Manual Monitoring
  • Fully-Automated
  • High Resolution of Performance on all Variations
  • Focused on Exploiting the Leader
  • Measured Understanding of all Metrics
  • Observation of Metrics Beyond Goal of the Leader

Dynamic Testing: Part of Merchandising, Testing, and Personalization Platform

Serving the best customer experiences online is one capability of our total personalization platform — built and customized to your unique needs.

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