Offer Guided Purchasing Journeys With an Ecommerce Product Finder

Fight choice overload, and put visitors in ‘shopping mode’ with a product finder quiz.

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Offer Guided Purchasing Journeys With an Ecommerce Product Finder

Turn Shopper Insights Into Personalized Recommendations

Your customers are overwhelmed by choices. With our personalized product finder tool, you can help them find exactly what they need.

Our eCommerce product finder starts with a customizable quiz that guides visitors to the products that best suit their needs. This gives them the confidence to click.

And you get:

  • Improved engagement trust
  • Boosted conversions
  • Increased average order value
  • Lower return rates


Help Customers Find Products They Love

Jenny, the Digital User Experience Manager from Nespresso, describes how Monetate Product Finder helps their customers choose coffee and to expand their coffee experience by offering new coffees to try.

Monetate clients see 2x higher conversion rate for visitors interacting with Product Finder.

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An In-Store Assistant, Online

Your shoppers have an idea of what they need. But they don’t want to go to a store to ask questions. They don’t want to have to talk to someone.

They just want to know how to narrow down your selection and purchase with confidence.

Your quick product finder quiz helps narrow down by price, by functionality, by color, by whatever you think is best.

Combining patented behavioral modeling and Monetate Personalized Search capabilities, Product Finder predicts the products and offers that will resonate with customers.

Deploy and Test Highly Guided Shopping Experiences With Ease

Once you get set it up, Monetate Product Finder is easy to use for everyone.

Its easy-to-use interface allows users to quickly create, target, modify and deploy experiences.

Gather Zero-Party Data From Shoppers

Create highly customizable  guides to gather key customer insights.

Build a Customizable Branded Experience

Deploy powerful experiences molded to suit the look, feel, and flow of your brand

Optimize and Target Product Finder to Audiences

Test and personalize using market-leading testing and targeting capabilities

Product Finder: Part of a Merchandising, Testing, and Personalization Platform

The data gathered from Product Finder is part of an enterprise personalization platform. See more capabilities below:

Build Guided Shopping Journeys With Our Product Finder Tool

Build guided shopping journeys that align to your brand.