Supercharge Your Selling With Social Proof

Deliver engaging messages from crowd-mined data that drive FOMO, urgency, and trust.

Supercharge Your Selling With Social Proof
Social Proof Software Personalized

Deliver Hyper-Relevant Messaging Throughout the Customer Journey

Want a quick way to boost conversions, engagement, and click-throughs? Look no further than Monetate Social Proof.

Monetate Social Proof delivers well-timed, customized, and hyper-relevant messaging to encourage a desired action.

Boost ATC and CVR With Social Proof

Inspired by his former company’s success with Monetate Social Proof, Digital Experience Manager Jack Little brought social proof experiences to City Plumbing’s website with big results: +30% uplift in ATC on Desktop and +30% uplift in CVR on mobile.

Social Proof Software Personalized Platform

Boost Engagement & Encourage More “Add to Carts”

Encourage visitors to make decisions more confidently by displaying real-time information at the right time in the customer journey on things like inventory levels or about how other people are buying.

  • Improve Engagement & Trust
    • Leverage product endorsements from real customers to encourage site visitors to take action and convert.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment & Increase AOV
    • Hang on to would-be customers at critical stages of the funnel, like on cart pages, through well-timed messaging.
  • Greater ROI from Social Media
    • Traffic from social channels responds better when shown social proof messaging.

Leverage a Variety of Social Proof Strategies

Popularity Messaging

Build trust and reassure would-be customers to make a purchase

Personalized Social Proof

Differentiate your social proof messaging from your competitors by personalizing social proof messaging based on visitor data

Scarcity Messaging

Create a fear of missing out or FOMO amongst shoppers that encourages visitors to buy sooner rather than later


Unsure of what optimal amount of views, carts, or purchases are necessary to show social proof messaging? Remove the guesswork with trending

Using Social Proof, A DIY Hardware Brand Sees 30x ROI

Toolstation was able to implement social proof into their digital channels in less than 5 minutes.

The hardware brand has started testing Social Proof across a number of channels. They noted that it worked not only on their mobile experience, but also across web and email.

Read The Toolstation Case Study

“The initial A/B test of Social Proof might have been one of the quickest tests we’ve ever built. It took a matter of minutes.”

Matt Bloska

Conversion Manager

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Social Proof: Part of Personalization Platform

The ability to deliver targeted messages, at the right time, to the right audience is part of a total automated personalization platform built customized to your unique needs.

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Social Validation. Personalized. Hone Your CX With Social Proof

Our technology is at the cutting edge of personalization. It delivers quick and painless ROI. See how it’s part of the total Monetate platform.

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