With Social Proof, a Monetate Feature, Toolstation sees 30x ROI

Toolstation, one of Europe’s largest trade & DIY hardware brands, implemented an impressive array of new experiences across their digital channels in 2020. They wanted to see if they could add social proof messaging among a variety of other initiatives including segmentation and personalization to their eCommerce site.

When Toolstation heard that Monetate was offering an early adopter program for Social Proof, the Conversion Manger for Toolstation, Matt Bloska, concluded that it could be of great use for the company as they had been wanting to nudge more of their site visitors into a buyer mentality.

Their new Social Proof test would focus on popularity messaging during Toolstation’s busy January sales season.

Success with Strategy

Monetate All-In-One Action

  • Participated in Monetate’s Early Adopter Program for Social Proof
  • Launched social proof experiences on PDPs highlighting popularity messaging
  • Toolstation was able to implement social proof into their digital channels in less than five minutes
  • The Social Proof test alone yielded a 30x return on investment

These impressive results have Toolstation working to leverage other elements of Monetate, including recommendations, segmentation and automated personalization.

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Social Proof Implemented in Less Than Five Minutes

We quickly launched social proof into digital channels which led to:

ROI from Implementation
Increase in Conversions
Uplift in RPS
Uplift in Email-Driven Sales

We pushed a red text message right next to existing product reviews explaining how many products had sold that day

This created the right sense of “FOMO” needed to increase engagements.

Toolstation has started testing Social Proof across a number of channels. They noted that it worked not only on their mobile experience, but also across web and email, and the team plans to segment and test different customer journeys to maximize its impact.

One big opportunity is to segment across “trades people” and “non-trades people” cohorts. For example, Toolstation plans to test a personalized social proof experience for trades professionals that will say “10 electricians bought this,” which should drive higher engagement than a generic version.

“The initial A/B test of Social Proof might have been one of the quickest tests we’ve ever built. It took a matter of minutes.”


Conversion Manager, Toolstation

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“We can go from concept to execution very quickly. It’s easy to understand how it all works and fits together. Monetate’s platform does that a lot better than other platforms.”

MATT BLOSKA, Conversion Manager Toolstation
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