Leading Spanish Airline Iberia Builds Traveler Urgency, Sees Uplift in CVR by +3.8% and by +1% in CTR

The leading airline in Spain, Iberia offers a wide range of travel destinations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. With a fleet of 157 aircraft, the airline is committed to being the best option for passengers booking vacations or business trips.

By launching social proof experiences with Monetate, Iberia was successful in driving conversions on their flight results pages by matching messaging to the sense of urgency a passenger is experiencing when booking a flight.

Success with Strategy

Monetate All-In-One Action

Working with Monetate’s Professional Services Team, Iberia leveraged Monetate Automated Personalization. With Automated Personalization, they launched social proof messaging customized to travelers’ needs and that would better resonate based on their booking dates. In other words, social proof messages targeting customers on the website were completely personalized to their travel plans and the urgency to book them, among other factors.

Such personalization was essential, as not everyone responds to social proof messaging in the same manner: certain types of social proof messaging were proved to be ineffective among some traveler segments.

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Proving the Value of Social Proof and Automated Personalization with Flight Bookings

With Monetate Social Proof and Automated Personalization, we helped Iberia increase traveler urgency to book flights, resulting in:

Uplift in CVR with Monetate Social Proof
Uplift in CTR with Monetate Automated Personalization

Iberia relies on Monetate to decide how many social proof messages to show site visitors

With Monetate Automated Personalization, the engine decides how many (if any) social proof messages should impact each user to optimize conversion on the flight results page.

Five different types of social proof messages were created for the flight results page, displaying the number of times a specific flight had been searched (5, 10, 20 or 40 times, depending on the type of social proof message), highlighting scarcity and instilling a sense of urgency in the users. Again, the type of social proof message to be displayed on the flight results page depended on the traveler segment, determined by their booking dates and travel plans.

By using the Monetate Engine to decide how many social proof messages to show to each visitor, Iberia achieved an uplift of +1% in click through rate when travelers clicked on the sales confirmation button when booking on the airline’s website.

They found that the length of the stay the visitor was booking was one of the biggest factors influencing what kind of social proof needed to be shown, and that showing social proof on five flights to site visitors booking a long stay worked the best.

Iberia also discovered that if a visitor had been on the site more than the average time, it was best to show social proof on 10 flights.

There were even more insights into whether visitors were not logged in, if it was a short haul one-way trip, and even to particular geographies, that all influenced what kind, if any, social proof should be shown.

Having these insights not only justified the value of Monetate Social Proof, but enabled Iberia to better enhance their segmentation strategy for social proof experiences across the board.

Overall, social proof can work well, but it can also be a distraction and lead to a bad experience for visitors, if the messages don’t resonate.

If Iberia had only run A/B testing, they might not have come to this conclusion. Now, they are armed with the tools and insight needed to create the best booking experience for travelers.

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