Roll Out Experiences With No CX Risk With Feature Experimentation

Make more informed decisions, reduce development bugs, time and money with feature experimentation software.

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Roll Out Experiences With No CX Risk With Feature Experimentation

Propel Business Growth With 100% Confidence

Are you planning a big feature release or trialing new third-party software?

With Monetate’s feature experimentation, you can control what features visitors see, release features gradually and roll them back if results don’t go as expected.

From new design elements to new checkout messaging, anything controlled by your code can be rolled out smoothly and gradually.

Only surface the best features and functionality to your best customers.

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Streamline the Development Process, Innovate More Efficiently

Other feature experimentation offerings require a more complex setup process and can be more difficult to use for non-technical users.

Plus, many lack the same level of customization and flexibility that Monetate offers.

With Monetate’s Feature Experimentation, you can easily create and manage feature flags, test new features on a small group of users, and make adjustments as needed.

Key Business Benefits of Feature Experimentation

Through Monetate’s Feature Experimentation, businesses can ensure that they’re always optimizing across the right business areas by testing different experiences and identifying the version that performs best.

Real-Time Adjustments

Our reporting and analytics tools allow businesses to quickly identify issues and make necessary adjustments

Enhanced Business KPIs

Experiment with different experiences and identify the version that drives the most engagement, conversions, and revenue

Accelerated Value

With Monetate Personalization, teams can leapfrog release cycles, identifying opportunity areas faster

Fortified Personalization

Identify the most effective personalization tactics and strategy across customer segments before they reach 100% of your customer base

Experiment with new features without worrying about negative impacts on your users, with easy rollbacks.

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Feature Experimentation: Part of a Merchandising, Testing, and Personalization Platform

More control over rollouts and feature flags are part of an enterprise personalization platform. See more capabilities below:

Optimize Without Risk With Feature Experimentation

Experiment without full impact to your users.