Dynamic Bundling Sells More Clothes and Accessories

How Dynamic Bundling Sells More Clothes and Accessories

According to eMarketer, about a fifth of all retail purchases will take place online this year – a figure that’s growing. That’s no surprise to us. 

Digital shopping journeys offer convenience, choice, and the ability to browse from wherever you happen to be. But choice and convenience can be overwhelming, particularly without the kind of hands-on and personalized service consumers get when they’re shopping in a store.

As an example, let’s say someone is shopping for a new dress on your website. They quickly find the perfect dress, but hit a roadblock when they realize they don’t have the right shoes or bag to pair it with. 

At a loss, they may abandon the dress and head off to the nearest local boutique where they can create a full outfit with the guidance of a sales person. But you can save the online sale with “Complete the Look,” a dynamic bundling feature that uses Monetate’s advanced AI algorithms to automatically generate personalized product bundles. 

In the above scenario, “Complete the Look” would display items like shoes, accessories, and jackets that flawlessly complement the hero product – in this case, the dress. These recommended products appear alongside the main item, helping the shopper visualize a complete outfit and add all the components to their cart with just a few clicks. “Complete the Look” is a dynamic bundling feature from Monetate – it automates product bundling, personalizing product recommendations for each individual shopper.

What is the Dynamic Bundles feature in Monetate?

Dynamic Bundles is Monetate’s automated product bundling offering that’s part of our powerful product recommendations. Automated product bundling uses AI to create tailored product sets for individual shoppers. 

Bundles are generated by combining shopper behavior data and preferences with the expertise of your merchandising team. The result is a personalized shopping experience that feels like it was curated for the shopper.

The key features of dynamic bundling include:

  • Automated product grouping based on factors like customer behavior, inventory levels, and product attributes.
  • Merchandiser-defined rules to ensure bundles align with brand guidelines and business objectives.
  • Real-time updates to bundles based on changes in inventory, trends, and customer data.
  • Scalability across large product catalogs.

“Complete the Look” uses Monetate Dynamic Bundles to help fashion brands present stylish and customized outfits to customers as they shop. By analyzing a customer’s browsing and purchase history, the AI-driven feature identifies complementary items and creates a complete, cohesive look. It acts like a personal shopping assistant, helping customers discover new products they’ll love while increasing AOV and keeping your merchandisers happy.

Benefits of “Complete the Look” to Fashion and Apparel Merchandisers

Coordinate outfits to sell more items 

Dynamic bundling is effortless when it comes to enabling two effective merchandising strategies – cross selling and upselling. “Complete the Look” inspires customers to see the product they love in ways they might not have considered. By matching the hero product with a range of accessories and complimentary items, bundling creates a visual selling tool that helps customers create a complete outfit (and makes it easy for them to add additional items to their cart).

Enhance product discovery for lesser-known items

Dig deep into your catalog by bundling lesser-known items alongside foundation pieces like jeans or a sweater. “Complete the Look” exposes shoppers to pieces they may not know about while acting like a virtual stylist, showing customers the potential of a given item. Recommended items can be aligned with your merchandising strategy, helping you sell inventory while simultaneously improving shopper engagement and interest. 

Show off your styling expertise 

Curated bundles effectively demonstrate your brand’s fashion expertise. Well-styled product groupings position you as a trusted authority in your niche. They also serve to reassure customers that you know what you’re doing, reinforcing your credibility as a top-quality brand.         

Make shopping easy 

Bundling a complete outfit and presenting it at-a-glance to a shopper makes things simple. It gives customers a one-stop solution for a singularly stylish outfit, while making the final steps of purchasing the outfit relatively painless. Instead of navigating through multiple websites, product pages, and categories, customers have what they need for a complete look all in one place. 

Showcase current trends 

Regularly updating your “Complete the Look” bundles keeps the shopping experience fresh and relevant. You can showcase what’s trending and present outfits based on season or location so you’re always offering something new to shoppers.

Dynamic Bundles and Personalization from Monetate

As more and more consumers embrace online shopping to scratch their fashionista itch, retailers will need to replicate the personalized, curated experiences customers get from in-person shopping experiences. 

Monetate Dynamic Bundles, powered by AI-driven features like “Complete the Look,” gives you a compelling way to do this. It’s relevant to each shopper and personalized in a way that emulates in-store merchandising.

It also enhances product discovery. “Complete the Look” makes digital shopping more interesting and fun while positioning you as a trusted style authority. Retailers need a way to stand out. After all, the number of little black dresses available to discerning shoppers is practically limitless. 

Dynamic Bundles and personalization turn a dress into an outfit tailored for different needs, seasons, and people. It’s proving to be indispensable for fashion retailers looking to captivate customers and differentiate themselves from competitors.