Ease of Use and Democratized Reporting Make It Easy for Darn Tough to Deliver Results

Darn Tough Vermont is an American manufacturer of premium, all-weather outdoor and lifestyle socks backed by the industry’s only lifetime guarantee. Darn Tough offers both Specialty and Tactical product lines with a wide variety of products for different sports and weather types that appeal to a wide, diverse, and deeply loyal customer base.

In 2019, Darn Tough implemented Monetate Personalization to better navigate today’s customer first digital realities and to deliver deep and meaningful connections to their customers across all touchpoints. With its market-leading personalization software, Monetate helped Darn Tough implement a data-driven approach to testing, messaging, and sales-offer creation.

Success with Strategy

Monetate All-In-One Action

  • Implemented a holiday offer to increase add-to-cart rate.
  • Customized messaging for a free shipping offer expiring within a certain window to add a sense of urgency.
  • Offered new payment options like Google Pay and Apple Pay to accelerate payment.

Monetate Personalization’s easy-to-understand test results helped the Darn Tough team not only satisfy customer needs, but also drive the highest business value.

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Testing at Critical Touchpoints Leads to Big Results

We launched special offers, time-sensitive delivery options, and accelerated payment options, resulting in:

Increase in AOV
Increase in New Visitor Conversion
8.4 %
Lift in Conversion Rate

We helped create a culture of experimentation and optimization to their site

Darn Tough learned that during the winter holiday season, having encouraging messaging can have a positive impact on conversions. They also wanted to customize the messaging with an offer that would expire within a set window to add a sense of urgency.

Based on early results, Darn Tough is prioritizing advanced personalization in their future. The team plans to implement new experiences to increase relevance for every site visitor.

“Monetate Personalization doesn’t just help us sell socks. It helps us improve the entire user experience. It empowers us to improve every customer touchpoint even as we grow as a business.”


Global Director Digital Commerce, Darn Tough

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It’s so easy to see and understand the results from what we implemented. Before it was hard to have a conversation when we’re looking at different resources and different data, but with Monetate, it’s so clear, it becomes easy to make the right decision together as a team.

CASEY MORRISON, eCommerce Data Analyst, Darn Tough
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