Personalize the Post-Click Experience and Improve ROAS With Audience Creation Tool

Personalize the Post-Click Experience and Improve ROAS With Audience Creation Tool

As a marketer, you have most likely dealt with the challenge of creating highly targeted landing experiences for paid media campaigns. But, since these campaigns are typically managed by ads teams, you might not have the visibility needed to create optimal landing experiences. This can often result in web experiences that are totally disconnected from the advertising message. 

Enter: AdLink. 

AdLink is a new audience creation tool that enables marketers like you to efficiently personalize onsite experiences for traffic from paid media campaigns. 

Using the personalization capabilities of Monetate, AdLink is able to break down the long-standing silos that have existed between marketing and advertising. As a result, you can create a personalized customer experience that is more likely to keep visitors engaged and more likely to get them to convert post-click. 

AdLink unifies your advertising and marketing channels in one integrated platform  

Adlink pulls data from Google, Facebook, and other paid media sources to create automated audience segments. These segments can then be used by marketers to target audiences for personalized post-click experiences across a site.

By keeping already interested consumers engaged with a relevant post-click journey, retailers will be able to deliver more performance per ad dollar spent. 

Post-click experiences 

With Adlink, marketers will have an easier and more scalable way to connect their acquisition efforts to their conversion efforts to drive true end-to-end campaign optimization. Contact our Personalization Experts at Monetate to learn more.