A step-by-step, no nonsense guide

Delivering a Personalized Customer Journey

Personalization has become a major part of every serious eCommerce brand’s strategy. Knowing who your customers are, where they are, what they want, and how to best to give it to them is something that all online retailers need to do.

Many digital and marketing leaders are trying to develop their personalization in a way that caters to the individual site visitor across the customer journey. But their progress is hampered by an overwhelming amount of advice, gimmicks, buzzwords, and excited talk about full-journey personalization.

This can be frustrating when looking for serious solutions to the real problems brands face. Attempting to craft individual experiences at a scale that caters to thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of customers and site visitors is no easy task.

Every online brand is different, and so the personalization challenges they face are unique. But there are some common factors that hamper eCommerce businesses in their attempts to deliver personalized experiences across the customer journey:

  • A lack of an integrated approach
  • An inability to scale solutions
  • Use of multiple, disparate personalization tools
  • Siloed data
  • Lack of access to data for non-technical teams
  • Misaligned goals across your business

The solution lies in integrating machine learning, merchandising, and experimentation to create genuinely individualized experiences at scale.

With the right personalization software that brings together all the elements needed to gather data, test at scale, and produce actionable insights, it’s possible to provide a consistent, individualized experience at all stages of the customer journey, regardless of channel or touchpoint.

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