Feature Flags Enable Targeted Rollouts and Smoother Rollbacks 

Feature Flags Enable Targeted Rollouts and Smoother Rollbacks 

Getting a feature launch just right is tricky.

Product owners, developers, and marketers have to work in harmony to align launches. They have to coordinate code changes and any communications or PR as they roll features out on the live site. If the plan is too complex, the risk could outweigh the reward.

Any new feature release can create an avalanche of rollbacks and hotfixes that set new projects back and create unneeded stress. These new feature release problems slow down site evolution, and can hurt a business along the way. We’ve experienced it ourselves.

But for our clients in commerce, every minute costs real money, and so the problem is amplified significantly. That’s why we’re particularly excited to announce Feature Flags, a handy way to separate deployments from feature launches on Monetate Personalization.

Launch Without Breaking Anything, Not Even a Sweat

Feature Flags allow your development team to turn features on and off for a percentage of your overall traffic without requiring a release cycle. Or, more importantly, a rollback.

Feature Flags improve communication and launches across teams. What’s more, they help marketers control how they release new features and roll back at any time. And this makes it easy to release more complex elements and more frequent updates, and evolve a site to meet customer expectations more quickly.

Feature Flags can help you:

Improve Communication

Remove dependencies between deployment and feature releases. Developers can work on features as part of their standard development process. and then they can easily be accessed and rolled out by marketing.

Move Faster With Less Risk

Once a feature has been created, users can roll it out, and roll it back, easily. It’s also easy to test with small audiences to see if the new feature performs as planned.

Tackle More Releases

With a smooth process that works for every stakeholder, it’s possible to scale the amount of features launched. Team can develop more, release more, and learn more quickly without risk.

Feature Flags Work for Everyone

Feature Flags allow developers to separate deployments from feature launches, letting product teams take control of the launch schedule. This also helps in reducing risk via immediate rollbacks using an easy-to-use audience toggle.

Feature Flags allows marketers to toggle from 0%-100% rollout for set percentages of the customer base. Easily branch out code to separate new releases from existing code base as needed.

Feature Flags sit within the Monetate Personalization Platform, as part of Feature Experimentation, with an Accessible UI. Since it’s also cloud-based, features can easily be uploaded remotely. With Engine APIs and a list of SDKs, there’s no limit to what can be done.

To get started with Feature Flags, contact us today. It will boost your ability to create personalized site experiences faster and more easily without the stress.