Nespresso Increases CVR of Recommended Coffees by +18% Through its Interactive Quiz

Founded over three decades ago, premium coffee brand Nespresso has revolutionized coffee drinking. Known for its elite coffee machines and robust, flavorful coffee capsules, Nespresso is committed to helping customers celebrate and enjoy drinking coffee.

While customers habitually purchase their favorites, Nespresso wanted to encourage customers to try additional coffees from their product line.

The Digital Team launched an interactive 2-minute online Coffee Quiz with Monetate Product Finder to recommend new coffees to customers based on intensity, flavor notes, and other individual preferences.

Success with Strategy

Monetate All-In-One Action

  • Deployed Monetate Product Finder to build an interactive, 3 question Coffee Quiz.

Nespresso’s Digital Team suspected that they could increase a customer’s basket size by finding an innovative way to recommend new coffee flavors for customers to purchase.

By basing these new coffees recommendations on existing coffee preferences, Nespresso’s goal was to encourage customers to purchase these new coffees, in addition to their favorites.

In fact, the CVR from the Coffee Quiz is higher than the CVR for the rest of the coffees on the Nespresso site. Therefore, the output of the Coffee Quiz is successful in encouraging customers to purchase the recommended coffees.

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Helping Customers Find the Perfect Coffee

With Monetate Product Finder, we helped Nespresso craft a short, interactive quiz, resulting in:

Increase in CVR of Recommended Coffees
Customers Who Have Interacted With the Quiz
Coffee Quiz Completion Rate

Nespresso improved the customer experience and 1-to-1 engagement on its retail site

Depending on user input, Nespresso’s Coffee Quiz helps customers “discover their perfect coffee match” by answering 3 questions covering such coffee preferences as:

  • Liking coffee served black or with milk
  • Wanting anything extra from the coffee (flavors, caffeine, vitamins, etc.)
  • Type of capsule required based on Nespresso machine.

In the Coffee Quiz, pop-up boxes are used to share further information about intensity, various tasting notes (woody, berry, etc.), and other relevant facts to guide customers to choosing the quiz inputs that best match their interests.

“As a brand, we want to continue improving and enhancing our customer experience by educating customers about coffee. Nespresso coffee drinkers know what they like, so it’s our job to expose them to new coffees by understanding what they like and how they experience coffee.”


Digital User Experience Manager


Interactive Product Recommendations Educate Nespresso Customers About Coffee

In this Monetate Success Story video, Digital User Experience Manager Jenny Denham describes how Monetate Personalization contributes to offering a personalized customer experience for Nespresso.

“For our team, making sure that our product feed had the right information that the Coffee Quiz could reference and pull from was key in making sure we served the proper coffee recommendations to the customers. We recommend making sure the product feed has all necessary information before building a quiz in Monetate Product Finder for the best results.”

JENNY DENHAM, Digital User Experience Manager, Nespresso
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