Landmark Group Gains 39% RPS Lift With an Integrated Personalization Strategy From Monetate

Founded in 1973, The Landmark Group is a multinational retail and hospitality conglomerate. The business is pioneering homegrown brands that are leaders in their categories across the Middle East, Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.

Landmark came to Monetate with a clear goal of improving the digital experience they provide to their customers. Monetate Personalization provided the perfect solution to enable Landmark to meet and exceed their goals. With flexible testing, best-in-class merchandising and recommendations capabilities, and unrivaled segmentation and personalization features all within one easy to use platform, Landmark is delivering on the promise of great digital customer experiences.

Success with Strategy

Monetate All-In-One Action

  • Optimized social proof messaging on its Homeboxstore mobile app.
  • Added product recommendations to the cart page, displaying recommendations based on in session and past session behavior.
  • Created urgency with delivery threshold countdown timers.
  • Highlighted product ratings on PLPs of those products receiving 4-5 star ratings.
  • Enhanced PLPs by determining the most optimal layout – tweaking fonts, how products are listed and adding badges.

All located within one easy to use UI, Landmark uses Monetate for A/B testing, dynamic testing, segmentation, product recommendations, social proof messaging, and ML (machine learning) powered 1-to-1 content and messaging personalization.

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Minimized the Number of Solutions Needed for Personalization

We enabled Landmark to operate efficiently by launching personalized experience from one platform, resulting in:

Lift in RPS
Increase in AOV
Lift in Conversion Rate

We provide an all-in-one platform for testing, segmentation, recommendations, social proof, and machine learning

With everything under one roof, Landmark has the flexibility to test and personalize all digital interactions with their brands.

With Monetate Personalization, Landmark now has a solution that it can grow with. Starting with agile changes and quick tests, they then deployed and optimized merchandising tactics like Social Proof and product recommendations. From the same platform they’ll start to deploy 1-to-1 experiences at scale using Monetate’s Automated Personalization feature.

“We needed a solution that would enable Landmark to improve all areas of the customer experience. Having access to leading strategic and tactical advice on top of a platform is why we use Monetate.”


Product Lead, Landmark Group

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Personalization Across the Entire User Journey Results in Increased CVR

In this Monetate Success Story video, Product Lead Omar Fathallah describes how Monetate makes it easy to personalize the user experience throughout the entire user funnel.

Next up, we’ll start to harness the power of Monetate’s ML to become fully personalized. We want to move away from manually deployed experiences as manual equals opinions, whereas we want to be completely data-driven.

OMAR FATHALLAH, Product Lead, Landmark Group
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