Merchandisers Love Monetate

Empowering Merchandisers with Data-Driven Personalization

There’s a reason Monetate has helped Merchandisers personalize 6+ billion sessions & is the preferred personalization software for Merchandisers. Discover the 4 key factors why Merchandisers love Monetate (and why you will too).

Empowering Merchandisers with Data-Driven Personalization

Here’s Why Merchandisers Love Monetate

How Monetate Helps Merchandisers

#1: Extend your merchandising expertise

Merchandisers understand their shoppers better than anyone else. But let’s face it, attempting to manually craft those personalized experiences can be a real time suck. That’s where we come in.

With Monetate, you have the ability to deliver personalized product recommendations, customized product displays, and unforgettable experiences – all at scale.

#2: Save valuable time and simplify your workload

As Merchandisers, you often find yourself pulled in multiple directions. With competing stakeholder priorities, increasingly aggressive goals, and fragmented data, it’s easy to feel spread thin.

Our platform is designed to save you time and simplify the process of connecting your customers with the perfect products. With our AI-driven recommendations, intuitive dashboards, and user-friendly editor tools, you can effortlessly build personalized experiences and gain valuable insights in no time.

Audience Analytics Personalization

#3: Unlock incremental revenue with infinite insights

With each product launch, promotion, and new experience, uncovering the next big idea to boost revenue is always on your mind. We make it easier than ever to bring those ideas to life and streamline the creative process.

Our features enable you to deliver personalized experiences in real-time based on each user’s behavior. This means that upselling, cross-selling, and using social proof become a breeze to scale, leading to higher average order values.

#4: Powerful software offers next-level features, bundled into one

The proof is in our platform. We pride ourselves on offering the best recommendations on the market. That – combined with other powerful features like social proof, badging, and our machine learning in dynamic tests – is what sets us apart.

With these tools at your disposal, you hold the keys to driving impressive results, all conveniently in a single platform.



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