Calling All Executives

Why the C-Suite Can’t Afford to Keep Ignoring Personalization

Personalization, when properly executed, results in business-wide benefits for your entire organization.

And as an executive, it’s your leadership, expertise, and support that are necessary to make true personalization a reality.

By working with your colleagues in the C-Suite, the future of personalization and CX is in your hands.

Why the C-Suite Can't Afford to Keep Ignoring Personalization

CEOs: The Chief Personalization Evangelist

Personalization is more than just a technology. It’s more than just providing a product recommendation or shopping experience.

It’s a culture shift.

It’s about getting everyone in your company united and working toward building the best possible digital experience for your customers.

As a CEO, you are the leader. And where you lead? Your team will follow. When you evangelize  personalization at every level across the board, you help guild the entire organization into putting the customer front and center.


CMOs: The Champion of Personalization

CMOs already understand the importance of personalization at every touchpoint. It’s in their blood, part of their DNA.

That’s why CMOs are uniquely positioned to champion personalization as a corporate initiative.

With their expertise, CMOs can rally the rest of the C-Suite and their respective teams to take ownership of their part of personalization. Now everyone has a stake in CX.

CDOs: The Driver of Business Growth

CDOs (Chief Digital Officers) work closely with the CMO and marketing to implement personalized customer experiences to drive results.

But they are mostly responsible for ensuring that their brand is always offering a seamless, engaging experience across all digital touchpoints. Their success is mission critical to CX and to standing out against competing brands.

Personalization Won’t Be Ignored

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CIOs: The Developer of IT Strategy

CIOs play an important role by aligning corporate and business roadmap needs. In this role, they develop an IT strategy that will take the organization where it needs to go.

When personalization is an initiative that is important to the entire team, the CIO makes sure that resources are available and in place to get the job done.


CTOs: The Steward of the Tech Stack

CTOs play an important role in both execution and in making sure the right technology is in place for personalization to thrive.

Scalability is key, and as the organization continues to grow the CTO makes sure that the tech stack can keep up with the demands of building the CX across digital platforms.

CFOs: The Custodian of ROI

It’s a CFO’s job to manage the purse strings and to consider all purchases and investments. They are tasked with making sure the money they spend is bringing enough value to the business.

When personalization is done well and the customer is put first, long-lasting relationships are created. This maximizes the lifetime value of each customer, helping to illustrate the ROI of investing in personalization.

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