Room & Board Attains 80% Higher Conversion With AI-Driven Personalization

Room & Board offers quality furniture and home furnishings on their website, and at several stores across the United States. The company offers high-quality-products at reasonable prices, with clean modern designs and custom options that appeal to a wide range of customers.

With 17 different customer segments, and a need for individual messaging across those segments, personalization was a cumbersome and burdensome manual process. This, in turn, ended up limiting the scale of their program. Working together, Room & Board and Monetate identified several major opportunities for improvement.

The combination of valuable customer insights from Room & Board’s robust data warehouse platform, as well as a wide variety of creative assets from their content library offered a great opportunity to deliver scalable and automated personalization using Monetate.

Success with Strategy

Monetate All-In-One Action

  • Leveraged both Individual Fit Experiences (IFEs) and Majority Fit Experiences (MFEs), alongside standard tests to deliver better personalization.
  • For the homepage, a wide variety of context various fed through Monetate’s AI-decisioning engine, used an IFE to deliver three approaches to customers.
  • Expanded IFEs and MFEs across many other content elements of their site, delivering personalization at scale.

Room & Board now has more than 100 personalized experiences running live on their website at any given time, something that its old manual process would have never allowed.

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Sophisticated Personalization at Every Level

Leveraging IFEs and MFEs for targeting the right audience at the right time resulted in:

Lift in Click Engagements

for visitors exposed to personalized experiences

Higher Conversion Rate

for engaged customers

Higher AOV

for engaged customers

Longer Time on Site

for engaged customers

Prioritizing AI-driven IFEs on their site has created a positive chain reaction

Engaged customers on Room & Board’s site then receive even more personalization, which in turn drives further.

Monetate has also been helpful in delivering personalized experiences for customers even as Room & Board employees were working from home due to coronavirus. The technology made it easy for the team to optimize around the products in highest demand and offer the best level of service to engaged customers.

To further increase the accuracy of the personalization, Room & Board plans to feed search and in-store data into Monetate, facilitating richer decisions that will improve a much enriched customer experience even further.

“We wanted to be able to leverage our content library and our data in an environment that would set us up for scalable personalization success. Setting up the data in the Monetate system was so easy.”


Director of Business Intelligence, Room & Board

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The great thing about leveraging IFEs and MFEs is that they usually always do well because the experience is targeting the right audience at the right time.

MARK SCHROEDER, Director of Business Intelligence, Room & Board
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