Fingerhut Actions Their Rich CDP Data To Deliver Hyper-Personalized Experiences

Fingerhut makes merchandise affordable by offering credit accounts with low monthly payments for various products. The company wanted to deliver hyper-personalized experiences to their customers using proprietary data from their customer data platform (CDP), Tealium. They turned to Monetate Personalization to address this issue.

Monetate enabled Fingerhut to easily connect and input data from Tealium Audience Stream to, their flagship eCommerce website. By connecting its CDP, Tealium, to the Monetate Personalization engine, Fingerhut was able to act on customer insights like third-party credit data, past shopping behavior, and brand/category affinity, achieving exceptional results with personalization of content over random assignment of offers.

Success with Strategy

Monetate All-In-One Action

  • Delivered personalized homepage experiences for individual shoppers
  • Served customized offers on homepage based on each customer’s favorite category
  • Connecting Tealium to Monetate enabled Fingerhut to automatically update its master data set about each customer

Fingerhut’s master data set including information such as customer’s available credit, favorite sections, and more is fed as a constant variable into the Monetate Personalization Decisioning Engine.

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Leveraging CDP Data for Automated Personalization

We combined Monetate Personalization and data from Tealium Audience Stream, resulting in:

Reduction in time spent delivering personalization
Lift in product views
Lift in total conversion

We created unique personalized experiences by combining customer data from Tealium Audience Stream with Monetate

The ability to connect Tealium to Monetate Automated Personalization and testing capabilities enabled Fingerhut to optimize and tailor each shopping experience to individual Fingerhut shoppers with varying needs.

Using Monetate Automated Personalization, Fingerhut customized the homepage asset located immediately beneath the hero image to display one of ten possible highlight offers driven by Automated Personalization algorithms.

“We’d typically need Business Intelligence to set up a feed, but they’re always in demand. Tealium Audience Stream allowed us to self-serve in a way that we couldn’t before. Being able to connect that to Monetate has saved us a lot of time and allowed us to fully utilize this data source. It’s allowed us to add hyper personalization to our specific value proposition and our brand.”


Site Optimization & Tools Manager, Ecommerce, Fingerhut

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What separates us from other retailers is that we help our customers build or rebuild credit. So, we need the ability to segment our audience based on the data that fits that market and have access to our customer information so that we can market to our customers in a way that is all about them and their needs. That means putting the customer first so that they can improve their credit scores. Having that data available to us is really what allows us to do that.

AIMEE PEDERSON, Site Optimization & Tools Manager, Ecommerce Fingerhut
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