Social Proof Experiences are Iberia’s Secret Weapon for Boosting Conversion

Social Proof Experiences are Iberia’s Secret Weapon for Boosting Conversion

In the fiercely competitive world of airline travel, every edge counts. For leading Spanish airline Iberia, finding ways to drive conversions and enhance the booking experience for travelers is paramount. In a recent Monetate Client Success Story, Iberia showcased how they utilized personalized Monetate Social Proof to not only uplift their conversion rate but also gain invaluable insights into customer behavior.

Social proof, the psychological phenomenon where people are influenced by and conform to the actions of others when making decisions, has long been a tool in the marketer’s arsenal.

However, Iberia recognized that a one-size-fits-all approach to social proof was not sufficient.

Instead, they embarked on a journey to personalize these experiences based on individual traveler needs and booking patterns.

Tailoring Social Proof Messaging with Automated Personalization

Initially, Iberia saw a promising +3.8% lift in conversion rate across all flights when implementing social proof messaging. However, they noticed a decline in effectiveness over time. Digging deeper, they hypothesized that showing the same social proof message across every flight was not resonating with all travelers.

Enter Monetate Automated Personalization.

Collaborating with Monetate’s Professional Services Team, Iberia tailored social proof messaging to match the urgency levels of passengers based on factors such as destination, booking dates, and travel plans. By leveraging Automated Personalization, they ensured that each traveler received messaging that spoke directly to their needs and motivations.

The results were impressive. By displaying five different types of social proof messages on the flight results page, customized to various traveler segments, Iberia achieved a significant uplift in both conversion rate (+3.8%) and click-through rate (+1%). But the true value lay in the insights gained from this experiment.

Iberia discovered that the length of stay booked by the visitor was a key factor in determining the type of social proof message to display. Additionally, factors such as time spent on the site, booking type (short haul vs. long haul, one-way vs. round trip), and geographical location all played a role in optimizing social proof effectiveness.

Armed with these insights, Iberia not only justified the value of personalized social proof experiences but also enhanced their segmentation strategy for social proof. By tailoring messaging to the specific needs and behaviors of travelers, they were able to create a more engaging and effective booking experience.

The case of Iberia illustrates the power of personalized social proof in driving conversions and enhancing the customer journey. In a landscape where every interaction matters, understanding and catering to individual preferences can make all the difference. As Iberia continues to refine its approach, one thing is clear: personalized social proof is not just a tool, but a strategic advantage in the quest for booking success.

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