How Does the Sunsetting of Oracle Maxymiser Impact CX and Personalization?  

How Does the Sunsetting of Oracle Maxymiser Impact CX and Personalization?  

Last year, Oracle announced the sunsetting of Oracle Maxymiser, effective May 31, 2024. As spring approaches, what should current Oracle Maxymiser customers be doing to prepare for this change? 

Naturally there is always some stress involved when a favorite tool is sunset. This means that users must plan and try to quickly find a replacement solution to keep things moving and running. 

But it’s also important to note that the end of life for Oracle Maxymiser is at an interesting time of the year.  

As we head into the summer months, brands are gearing up to head into planning and prep for peak season 2024. So, time is of the essence to have a new plan in place. 

The next several weeks are a crucial window for current Oracle Maxymiser customers to strategize and look at their upcoming objectives as they search for a replacement solution that can bring equal value and ROI. 

Or perhaps could the sunsetting of Oracle Maxymiser mean something more for brands?  

What would happen if Oracle Maxymiser customers used this sunsetting to take a step back and reevaluate their personalization strategy and objectives for perfecting the customer journey? 

Imagine what you could do with an all-in-one personalization platform for testing and experimentation, segmentation, merchandising tools (personalized search, social proof, badging, etc.), analytics, and more, that provides the capabilities of Oracle Maxymiser, plus a few extra bells and whistles? 

All About Oracle Maxymiser and CX 

Since the sunsetting of Oracle Maxymiser was announced, Monetate has been involved in conversations with Maxymiser customers who are now vetting new solutions. 

Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimization is noted for providing advanced website testing, real-time behavioral targeting, in-session personalization, and product recommendations across eCommerce sites and mobile apps.  

So, during our chats with Oracle customers, one of the most interesting things we learned is that when organizations are looking to choose a new solution due to sunsetting, they feel compelled to find a like-for-like replacement.  

For Maxymiser users, this is especially interesting.  

Oracle has alternative solutions in their wheelhouse that can replace some of the functionality of Oracle Maxymiser. But it’s important to note that the ability to perform A/B testing is not one of the abilities with an alternate Oracle tool that can get the job done.  

Clearly, the market still has a demand for a powerful A/B testing tool for testing and optimization. So, what’s next for retailers and merchandisers? 

Why not see what else is out there? Consider the impact of other amazing features such as personalized search, social proof, dynamic bundling, and badging, that can enhance product discovery. Add in robust customer journey analytics giving merchandisers and retailers a granular view of what is working across the customer journey, and what is not working. There’s no time like the present to take CX and personalization to the next phase. 

Personalization in 2024 – What’s After Oracle Maxymiser? 

Now’s the time to step back and make a new plan. Use the sunsetting of Oracle Maxymiser as the fuel needed for digital and merchandising teams to expand and bring is some amazing new merchandising tools. Imagine what you can do as you continue to grow into a more holistic personalization-based approach across the entire customer journey. 

For brands wanting to make an impact on ROI and the customer experience, it’s this combination of testing, personalization, AI merchandising, and robust analytics all in one platform that is the engine needed to impact the bottom line for years to come.  

Consider the potential boost to the overall customer experience for peak and beyond by making a move to a comprehensive personalization platform like Monetate that is much loved by merchandisers, marketers, and developers. 

So, Oracle Maxymiser customers, now that you are re-evaluating your choice of testing and personalization solutions – why not take the opportunity to go big? What could the future of personalization hold for your brand with Monetate?  

Don’t let the sun set set on your personalization goals

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