Uncover New Personalization Opportunities With Monetate Journey Analytics 

Uncover New Personalization Opportunities With Monetate Journey Analytics 

With competition growing and brand loyalty plummeting, businesses face mounting pressure to better understand their customers, and how they behave, in a unified way. 

With Journey Analytics, Monetate users now have a more holistic view of how customers behave, where a particular journey is taking them or not across a Monetate Experience or testing variant, resulting in improved program learnings.  

Through this tool, marketers and merchandisers can uncover new personalization opportunities, diagnose the leaky parts of their sales funnel, and ensure better experimentation program management.

What Problem Does Monetate Journey Analytics Solve? 

Monetate’s experience reports used to show what users did on websites, but not how they did it.  

With the growing number of interactions and channels in play, brands are facing the challenge of meeting individual preferences.  

Therefore, organizations are looking for ways to collect and analyze customer experience data in a unified, holistic view to gather insights on how their customers are behaving: what are their needs, what are their pain points, etc.

Having this information readily available allows business to make decisions that will benefit their customers, and ultimately, core KPIs and revenue. 

Journey Analytics enables users to constantly learn from and adjust the customer journey as need by providing the ability to: 

  • Better analyze and optimize the experiences you’ve built and launched in Monetate 
  • Organize the data in a way to show how your customers are behaving within different segments – experience name, variant, customer type, etc. 
  • Help understand the best performing journeys and why they’re the best 
  • Identify where there are issues occurring on your site 

With Journey Analytics, marketers now have this key information at their fingertips, providing an interactive overview of each customer journey across every Monetate Experience, from beginning to end. 

Monetate as a Go-To Diagnostic Tool for Personalization 

Having this depth of customer information readily available across all touchpoints naturally allows marketers to make decisions that will benefit their customers.  

But improvements cannot be made to a customer’s journey if brands do not know where the problem areas are.  

Without the correct diagnosis, marketers will struggle to fix any areas where customers exit the funnel and do not complete the journey. 

With Journey Analytics, Monetate continues its evolution as more than just an execution platform for leading brands. Having a holistic view of the customer journey puts you in more firm control of how to best shape, test, and refine it, providing a needed roadmap in your testing and personalization program.  

As an added element found within Monetate Audience Analytics and Insights, Journey Analytics helps transform Monetate into a go-to diagnosis tool, enabling users to identify which tests and experiences they should prioritize for accelerated business impact. 

How Can Monetate Clients Access Journey Analytics 

All Monetate clients can access Journey Analytics at no additional charge. You can access Journey Analytics immediately in Monetate by going to Analytics –> Journey Analytics.