Unique, Personalized Homepage Experiences Lift Wolseley RPS by 100%

Unique, Personalized Homepage Experiences Lift Wolseley RPS by 100%

If your business is hard to find online or your website is challenging to navigate, you’re potentially losing thousands in revenue each year.

Taking note, Wolseley, a UK plumbing and heating distributor that serves more than 100,000 trade professionals every year, transformed its online presence to improve the overall user experience. They united several legacy websites for different product categories into a single Wolseley-branded site.

However, the merger didn’t solve all their problems. While the new site simplified eCommerce operations and allowed customers to search across categories more easily, the company was hindered by a generic homepage that didn’t speak to their diverse buyer personas. Plus, having merged multiple brands that served dedicated segments across three eCommerce sites, Wolseley now needed a solution that would dynamically cater to personas on one dedicated domain.

The distributor turned to Monetate Personalization to help implement personalized experiences from visitor data for a more relevant experience for every trade professional. In this case study, Monetate details how Wolseley lifted its revenue-per-session (RPS) by 100% using this approach to help them individualize the homepage experience for every customer across categories.

Wolseley: The Results of Working with Monetate

With personalization, Wolseley achieved the following:

The case study also includes several use-case examples, including:

  • Homepage Product Category Personalization: Wolseley personalized its ‘popular categories’ section by using Automated Personalization.
  • Weather-Related Product Triggers: Monetate helped Wolseley advertise relevant products based on weather-related cues (for example, boilers in cold weather and HVAC units in hot weather).

Download the Wolseley case study to learn more about how Automated Personalization Experiences from Monetate moved a leading plumbing and heating distributor beyond a generic homepage to offer a unique experience to its B2B buyers.

If you have questions and want to chat with a Monetate Personalization Expert, please reach out – they’re here to help!