Wolseley Sees 100% RPS Lift After Serving Unique Homepage Experiences to B2B Buyers

Armed with a rich heritage that dates back to the 19th century, Wolseley has long served as the partner of choice for trade professionals. As a market-leading heating, cooling, and plumbing supplier in the UK, over 100,000 trade professionals count on Wolseley for key plumbing and heating projects every year.

Having recently combined specialized websites into a single branded online presence, Wolseley selected Monetate to help implement personalized experiences that pulled from visitor data for a more relevant experience for every trade professional.

Offering more than 400,000 products on its site, Monetate has helped Wolseley deliver on its stated promise to “get the right products to customers at the right price, in the right place, and at the right time.”

Success with Strategy

Monetate All-In-One Action

  • Served unique homepage content to every visitor using data-driven AI.
  • Created a category block on the homepage with different variations for different categories of product.
  • Weather-Related Product Triggers were used to display special offers based on hot and cold temperature threshholds.

Having merged multiple brands that served dedicated segments across three eCommerce sites, Wolseley now needed a solution that would dynamically cater to personas on one dedicated domain.

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AI-Personalized Homepage Experiences for B2B Buyers

We leveraged Automated Personalization to deliver a more nuanced and relevant experience resulting in:

Increase in Revenue per Session (RPS)
Increase in Conversion Rates
75 %
Lift Over Random Assignment

We were able to improve site performance and appeal to a variety of different B2B buyers

Wolseley worked with Monetate to create a category block on the homepage with different variations for different categories of product. They then let Monetate’s AI decide which variation to serve each visitor.

The eCommerce team also saw that demand for certain products increased based on the weather. For example, boilers were in high demand during the winter. Therefore, Wolseley used Monetate to trigger special boiler offers based on certain cold temperature thresholds—or, conversely, air conditioner offers based on hot temperatures logged during the summer. At these times, buyers were less price-sensitive, and more sensitive to availability, creating even more opportunity to improve sales with the right offer.

“Customers often have a more varied personality than a segmented approach can address. Rather than taking a business view of what category a customer fits into, we want to switch it over to what the customer wants. We saw that Monetate’s AI-driven personalization could help us do that.”


Ecommerce Trading Manager, Wolseley

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As we go through our digital transformation, it’s important that we drive improved sales and lifetime value with unforgettable customer experiences. Monetate gives us the scalable personalization we need to achieve that goal, and has helped our performance improve considerably.

MARK PARRISH, Ecommerce Trading Manager, Wolseley
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