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The Landmark Group Gains 39% RPS Lift with an Integrated Personalization Strategy from Monetate

Monetate is thrilled to share our latest customer success story featuring the amazing work of The Landmark Group.

Continue reading for a peek at how this multinational retail and hospitality conglomerate is building great digital customer experiences leveraging social proof, personalized recommendations, countdown timers, dynamic ratings, and more!

Results At-A-Glance

Personalisation & The Landmark Group

Headquartered in Dubai, The Landmark Group is pioneering homegrown brands that are leaders in their categories across the Middle East, Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. Landmark came to Monetate with a clear goal of improving the digital experience they provide to its customers.

Because their brands consist of numerous domains and physical stores, with its mobile app being the main digital revenue channel, followed by the web, the Landmark team knew that to operate effectively and efficiently that they needed to minimize the number of solutions required to improve their digital channels.

We needed a solution that would enable Landmark to improve all areas of the customer experience. Having access to leading strategic and tactical advice on top of a platform is why we use Monetate Personalization.

Omar Mohamed, Product Owner, The Landmark Group

Monetate Personalization provided the perfect solution to enable Landmark to meet and exceed its goals. With flexible testing, best-in-class merchandising and product recommendations capabilities, and unrivaled segmentation and personalisation features all within one easy-to-use platform, Landmark is delivering on the promise of great digital customer experiences with Monetate.

With Monetate, it’s easy to make data driven decisions. We can test, improve and replicate roll out of heavy hitting experiences across our different channels and stores without relying on dev cycles or opinions.

Omar Mohamed, Product Owner, The Landmark Group

Personalizing Digital Interactions Made Possible in 5 Experiences

With Monetate, the team at Landmark didn’t have to decide between access to leading features vs business agility and efficiency. All located within one easy-to-use UI, Landmark uses Monetate for A/B testing, dynamic testing, segmentation, product recommendations, social proof messaging, and ML (machine learning) powered 1-to-1 content and messaging personalization.

Here’s a snapshot of how Landmark is making it happen across 5 experiences:

Experience #1: Optimal Social Proof Messaging on the Home Box Store App

Landmark launched Social Proof across PDPs (product description pages) on the app for its Home Box stores, Homeboxstore App, testing the effectiveness of the messaging, and later the optimal type of social proof messaging to different audiences. With 42 physical locations across UAE,
Home Box offers furniture, home furnishings, and home décor in store and via its website.

The results were dramatic, showing a 38.9% uplift in revenue per session (RPS) for visitors
exposed to social proof messaging. Messaging highlighting the number of purchases was the
most successful variant for most visitors.

Experience #2: Cross-Selling the Basket with Personalized Recommendations

With the goal of increasing the average order value (AOV), Landmark added product recommendations to the cart page, displaying product recommendations based on in-session and past behavior. Not knowing which messaging or algorithm would perform best, Landmark deployed the different variants as a Dynamic Test, enabling the Monetate ML to amend the traffic allocation based on the performance of each variant.

With this approach, Landmark was able to learn and maximize performance. The viewed-also-viewed algorithm performed the best and the experience netted Landmark a 16.6% increase in RPS and a 13% increase in AOV.

Experience #3: Creating Urgency with Delivery Threshold Countdown Timers

Landmark tested whether delivery-based messaging would improve their conversion rate. The team launched countdown timers highlighting when a customer could expect the delivery of a product, and how long until the threshold cut-off.

The team tapped into Monetate’s library of out-of-the-box action templates and easily deployed and tested a variety of different placements and messaging. This experience landed Landmark an
impressive 3% uplift in conversion.

Experience #4: Dynamic Ratings on the PLP

With a goal of improving revenue per session (RPS), Landmark highlighted the ratings of products on PLPs, but only for products with 4–5 star ratings. With Monetate Personalization, this was easy
to set up and quick to deploy.

Along with a drop in cart abandonment and a strong AOV lift, the experience drove up revenue per session by 4.5%.

Experience #5: Enhancing the PLP

Like most retailers, the PLPs are a key area for Landmark. Determining the most optimal layout, messaging and content can be a daunting task. Landmark used Monetate Personalization to enhance how products are listed, tweaking the fonts, adding badges, and several other amendments.

The changes to the PLPs were a success and after seeing a 4.2% lift in AOV and a 6% revenue per session lift, Landmark pushed the changes to 100% of traffic and across its other domains.

What’s Next for The Landmark Group?

With Monetate Personalization, Landmark now has a solution that it can grow with. Starting with agile changes and quick tests, they then deployed and optimized merchandising tactics like Social Proof and product recommendations. From the same platform, they’ll start to deploy 1-to-1 experiences at scale using Monetate’s Automated Personalization feature.

If you’d like to learn more about The Landmark Group and Monetate Personalization, you can download the full case study.