Recession Proof your Ecommerce Strategy

Recession Proof your Ecommerce Strategy

It’s no secret that the economy is facing significant challenges in 2023. The war in Ukraine, the continuing post-COVID supply chain issues, persistently high inflation, and raises in interest rates have combined to produce a stubbornly difficult economic situation, both in the US and globally.

Of all these issues, the ones that are having the most direct impact on consumers are inflation and interest rates. Inflation has most likely peaked. In the US, the CPI measure was at 6.5% in December 2022, compared to a high of 9.1% in June 2022. In the UK, and in the Eurozone inflation sat at 9.2% in December 2022.

But while all these figures represent declines, the damage to consumers may have already been done, as wage growth has not kept pace. It’s left household budgets squeezed and spending power down.

But all is not lost for brands if they launch the right personalization experiences to help guide visitors and customers to make purchases that delight despite tightened purse strings and a closer watch on budgets and spending.

Monetate’s new playbook, “Maximize Conversion During a Looming Recession,” is packed with quick wins and amazing tips that you can implement on your site.

Download and use our playbook to help you truly personalize the buying journey.


You’ll learn how to boost ROI in the here and now, while positioning yourself for success in the future during this uncertain economic climate and looming recession.

Quick Wins For:

  • Increasing Conversions
  • Reducing Bounce Rates
  • Boosting Average Order Value
  • Decreasing Cart Abandonment

With this playbook, you’ll discover 20 quick wins for optimizing the customer experience post-click, provide a compelling customer journey, and see the benefits of using well-targeted, timely messaging to reduce customer acquisition costs and maximize revenue from a reduced ad spend.

Want to learn more? Monetate’s ease of use, combined with our after-sales professional services, means our clients’ feature adoption rate is consistently high. Continuous engagement with our personalization experts means a faster time to value and maximum ROI. Set up a meeting today and get recession-proof.