A playbook of CRO quick wins you can implement today

Quick Wins for Maximizing Conversion During a Looming Recession

The economy faces significant challenges in 2023.

The war in Ukraine, the continuing post-COVID supply chain issues, persistently high inflation, and raises in interest rates have combined to produce a stubbornly difficult economic situation, both in the US and globally.

In this situation, online brands and businesses need to work out their priorities. Every company will be looking at where they can make savings and there will be pressure on budgets across the board. When advertising and marketing spend is down, you need to find a way to create standout customer experiences and deep on-site personalization that can continue to drive revenue.


The current environment for eCommerce has changed considerably since the end of the pandemic.

The new situation can be characterized as one of:

  • Increased competition
  • Constrained consumer spending, leading to slowing growth
  • A tough economic outlook for the economy in general

In this new environment, maintaining a relentless focus on personalization and the customer experience is essential.

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