Deploy Product Recommendations That Move Inventory and Shoppers

Create revenue-boosting customer experiences with individualized recommendations.

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Deliver Well-Timed Recommendations That Put More in the Cart

Monetate’s product recommendation engine provides a combination of scalability alongside best-in-class algorithms. This allows you to:

  • Deploy adaptive recommendations based on everything you know (or will learn) about each customer.
  • Quickly boost and bury SKUs based on product attributes, like profit margin, price, and more.
  • Create curated product collections through slot-level control within product recommendations.
  • Push recommendations across all your channels: in-store, online, via email, in the call center, and on mobile apps.

People love our recommendations due to their advanced real-time personalization, contextual relevance, and cross-channel capabilities.

It’s All Smooth Sailing for Musto + Product Recommendations

UX & Test Manager Matt Bloska describes how easy it is to use Monetate Product Recommendations to ensure that Musto’s customers are getting the right outdoor gear.

Monetate’s product recommendations have improved upon the legacy technology once offered by Certona, making them the industry’s best product and content recs.

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Merchandize Without ConstraintsMan looking at smartphone with chart

Our recommendations provide users with the perfect combination of merchandising control with machine-driven automation and optimization.

Serve Recommendations Based On User Signals

Infuse recommendation algorithms with historical data, third-party insights & real-time visitor behavior. More customer context means more precise recommendations, and higher conversions.

Gain Greater Control With Dynamic Filters

Further fine-tune your recommendation strategies with dynamic visitor history filters by feeding in suggested products based on behavioral data like product purchases.

Mix & Match With No Limits With Slotting

Slotting enables slot-level control within product feeds, enabling you to mix, match, and sequence individual algorithms for ultimate control.

Maximize Revenue With World-Class Algorithms

Use one of our many algorithms such as: (1) Top selling by purchase count, (2) GeoTarget, (3) Recently viewed products, or (4) upload your own!

Helly Hansen Saw 28% Increase in RPS in Men’s Section of Site With Slotted Recommendations

Given Helly Hansen’s worldwide appeal, both its Norwegian and U.S. eCommerce teams wanted to create new strategies for more dynamic, personalized experiences that their former platforms couldn’t provide.

The company wanted a new, segmented site that was well-targeted to customers across a global array of outdoor interests.

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“Using Monetate, we’ve seen big improvements in homepage performance and can easily see which experiences are relevant for each customer.”


eCommerce Merchandising Manager

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Easy To Use. Easy To Scale

Take out the guess work—test and experiment to figure out which recommendations work, and why.

Leverage robust audience analytics dashboards to learn from your recommendations and fine-tune your customer experience.

Shoppers expect accurate product recommendations that speak to them. They want to see items they wouldn’t have known to look for themselves; ones that complete an outfit, complement a sound system, or just speak to their personality.

Product Recommendations: Part of a Personalization Platform

Product recommendation tools are the most customer-facing part of a total personalization platform built customized to your unique needs.

Personalized Search Personalization Platform

Our Recommendation? Let’s Create Better Customer Experiences

When onboarding, our Professional Services Team gives 30-60-90-day action plans to ensure you get value quickly from the Monetate Personalization platform.

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