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2024 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Retailers

Over half of the retailers (62.8%) surveyed by DC360 plan to increase their eCommerce technology and services spending next year.

While many things are on the mind of these retailers for 2024, such as improving the customer experience and conversion rate, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was already a key technology for retailers to implement going into 2023. And the impact of AI isn’t going away for 2024 thanks to explosion of Generative AI.

Retailers are having to explore how to integrate generative AI into their eCommerce sites while keeping up with all the technology they had planned to invest in for the year.

For 2024, 42% of surveyed retailers are considering AI, and a third are considering machine learning. Just under 5% of respondents don’t plan to invest in AI, and over a quarter (28.57%) plan not to invest in machine learning.

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