Monetate Launches Customer Journey Analytics

Monetate Launches Customer Journey Analytics

Tool Offers End-To-End View of Platform-Executed Buyer Journeys, Enabling Improved Delivery of Modern Customer Experiences

Dallas, TX – November 2, 2023 — Monetate, the leading personalization platform that helps build personal and meaningful digital connections between brands and their global customers, today announced general availability of its Journey Analytics tool.

Monetate clients test, personalize, and merchandise via Monetate Experiences. With Monetate Journey Analytics, users will now be able to view and evaluate the resulting journeys of those experiences, even across testing variants, out of the box. They’ll gain a more holistic view of how customers are behaving, where a particular journey is taking them or not across an experience or variant, resulting in improved program learnings.

With competition growing and brand loyalty plummeting, businesses face mounting pressure to better understand their customers in order to meet individual preferences. “We have seen a rapid shift in demand for better experiences on consumer sites and understand the need to collect and analyze experience data in a unified view,” stated Eric Rosado, Chief Product Officer of Monetate. “With Journey Analytics, brands will gain a more comprehensive understanding of how browser and buyer segments are interacting throughout journeys as a result of the experiences launched through Monetate.”

With no additional configuration or setup needed, Journey Analytics will be available for every new Monetate-launched experience for quick results and evaluation. Early release users of Monetate Journey Analytics were able to rapidly close the data gap between workflow changes and improved site KPIs, a promise not fulfilled with other platforms. Additional benefits include:

  • Better visualization and evaluation of key customer journeys across Monetate Experiences, including top-performing touch points
  • Greater ability to uncover new personalization opportunities or friction points
  • Increased customer segmentation and engagement opportunities
  • Improved clarity into which journeys across testing variants were most impactful

With Journey Analytics, Monetate continues its evolution as more than an execution platform. As an added element found within Monetate Audience Analytics and Insights, Journey Analytics helps transform Monetate into a diagnosis tool, enabling users to identify which new tests and experiences they should prioritize for accelerated business impact.

For more details, visit Monetate Journey Analytics, now available to all Monetate clients.