Here’s how to fix it

Personalization is Broken

Consumers don’t just want personalized experiences – they demand them.

In fact, personalized experiences have become so expected that 71% of customers will be frustrated when it doesn’t happen. Yet, only 14% of consumers say their last shopping experience was personalized, and only 15% of retailers have fully implemented personalization strategies.

With online interactions on the rise and brand loyalty up for grabs, it’s more important than ever for eCommerce retailers to master personalization — but very few are doing it optimally. Despite all the data at our fingertips, it’s tough to deliver 1-to-1 personalized experiences across every channel while responding and adapting to customer’s changing needs and expectations.

Is your personalization broken? Take our quick assessment.

No matter where you are in your personalization journey this assessment will help you understand what you’re doing right — and where your strategy could use some work.

To help you determine whether you’re on track with your 1-to-1 personalization strategy, we’ve put together a 1-to-1 personalization strategy scorecard. Answer each question, then tally your score to see where you land on your personalization strategy journey.

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