Don’t be fooled by deep learning

Evaluating Your Next ML Personalization Engine

Marketers are accelerating their investment in digital transformation. After a year of accelerated online activity, online channels are becoming a major focus.

To make a digital strategy scalable and cost effective, companies need to combine a variety of different components across data and technology to deliver the best possible customer experience. The glue that binds these components is personalization at scale – the ability to deliver personalized experiences to many people across channels.

McKinsey Global Institute projects that personalization at scale has the potential to create $1.7 trillion to $3 trillion in new value in the next few years, with retail making up the largest portion of that opportunity.

At the heart of personalization at scale is machine learning (ML), a combination of data and technology that can make rapid decisions based on many insights.

ML has the ability to deliver personalization that uses real-time insights to adjust the customer experience, and improve over time to become more valuable with each interaction.

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