The essential guide to end-to-end personalization

Delighting Modern Shoppers with Data-Driven Relevance

Personalization need not only apply  to one or two customer touchpoints, say a homepage banner or a mobile push notification. From social media advertising to checkout page fulfillment options, each commerce touchpoint offers frontend and backend opportunities for personalization.

In fact, organizations see the best business results when personalization is applied to every customer touchpoint across the end-to-end shopping journey. And end-to-end personalization works for the same reason hearing your name at a noisy cocktail party grabs your attention: the power of relevance and connection.

In short, personalization is about the formation of connections. It’s about showing customers you truly get them.

But that’s been made more difficult in an omnichannel world, where the proliferation of channels has made it more complicated to deliver consistent and seamless customer experiences.

To deliver true personalization, retailers and brands must truly get their customer base. And in order to do so they’ll need to enlist a personalization platform that can help them crystallize behavioral and transactional data into a unified view of each shopper.

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