Website Personalization

Website Personalization

What is Website Personalization?

Website personalization is the process of creating a fully customized experience based on collected data to dynamically populate the best possible user experience (UX) for each individual user.

Website personalization offers businesses the chance to present unique experiences tailored to every online visitor’s needs and desires. Personalized content often includes unique offers, product recommendations, messages, and greetings.

To accomplish website personalization, businesses are leveraging first and third data, analytics and machine learning technology to learn about their customers, better understand their habits, and deliver an improved, personalized experience.

Ways to Use Website Personalization

How can brands know which content is best for each user, and what steps do they need to take to deliver it? There are various eCommerce personalization methods digital retailers utilize as part of their website personalization strategies to present the best UX to every user. These may include:

  • Product recommendations based on the specific user’s preferences and shopping habits.
  • Personalized modals matching the user’s technographic profile to increase conversions in all parts of the sales cycle.
  • A full omnichannel personalization strategy can help retailers create a personalized experience across devices, apps, in-store and more, such that the website becomes one component of a seamless experience offered across all brand touchpoints.
  • Ecommerce websites often create customized targeted offers based on the user’s previous web browsing history and behavior.

Does Website Personalization Work?

Website users now expect personalized experiences similar to the ones they get from their news, social networks, and apps. Monetate Automated Personalization and Product Recommendations have improved various key performance indicators for eCommerce retailers in multiple industries. Read more in our Success Stories section.

Website & Omnichannel Personalization In Practice

Monetate’s real-time artificial intelligence (AI) driven personalization engine determines which user action will have highest potential of increasing your selected goal metric, such as increased conversion rate, add-to-cart rate, or average order value, and evaluates all available data to inform a content delivery decision that will maximize the goal metric.

This application of AI has been proven very effective. For example, in just four months, Office Depot saw an increase of nearly $6.9 million in sales as a result of utilizing 1-to-1 personalization.

In another use case, Johnston & Murphy integrated offline data with online data to create personalized experiences for their customers that have decreased bounce rate, increased add-to-cart rate, and improved conversions and sales.