Open-Time Email Personalization

Open-Time Email Personalization

What is Open-Time Email Personalization?

Open-time email personalization is the ability to personalize an email message based on the time the customer opens the email, no matter when the original email was sent. This can be used to remove mentions of products that are no longer available, update content based on the weather forecast in the user’s current location, or to highlight a new offer when one has ended. This level of personalization results in a more relevant email experience, higher click-through rates, and fewer lost subscriptions. It’s a win-win for marketers and customers alike.

Open-Time Email Overview

Open-time email allows you to connect with your customers through emails that are personalized at the time they are opened. With open-time email personalization, you can determine the content of the message at the time your recipient opens it. This allows you to send relevant information to your customers and build long-lasting relationships.

Open-Time Email Benefits

Open-time email gives you the tools to set up targeting rules for personalized email experiences. A few benefits of open-time email personalization include the ability to:

  • Utilize any ESP that your company currently uses
  • Integrate with any email template
  • Target content with real-time relevancy using single or multiple targets
  • Personalize content based on website behavior

Open-Time Email Features

Open-time email has many features to help create and deliver email experiences with real-time relevancy. Some of these include:

  • Adding dynamic images to multiple content areas for each experience
  • Adding multiple pieces of dynamic content for each experience
  • Seeing the results for how each email experience performed

Open-Time Email Examples

Here are just a few examples of what is possible.

  • Customers who visit your website directly and either view or purchase additional products can be sent a personalized email.
  • Shoppers inside or in close proximity to one of your stores or a competitor’s store could receive an email during that time.
  • Busy consumers who visit another part of the country where a different climate drives different behaviors could be delivered an email based on the forecast.

Open-time email personalization climate example

How Open-Time Email Personalization Works 

After you define the email experience rules in the personalization platform, it will generate a snippet of code designed for your specified ESP that you can place in the email source code.

When a recipient opens an email, a call is made to a personalization engine.The required information is then gathered to make a decision on which content to show based on your targeting criteria.

Once the appropriate content is determined, the engine sends the email back with the content included. The end result is that the recipient sees a dynamically generated email, with either dynamic images or default content personalized at open-time.

Monetate open-time email personalization solution

Monetate’s solutions for email and web represent a single, integrated platform for acquisition marketing and revenue optimization. And best of all, there’s no complex integrations required. Simply define your email campaigns, place a Monetate-generated URL inside your email, and watch the revenue grow.

  • Open-time Personalization: Unlike other solutions that determine an email’s content at the time the message is sent, Monetate personalizes emails when your customers actually open them.
  • Relevance: Monetate targets email content based on more than 100 points of data, including current and forecasted weather, demographics, past purchase history, and even browsing and purchase behaviors across the Web.
  • Complete Customer Journey: Great experiences don’t begin and end with the messages they receive. Monetate connects relevant emails with great on-site experiences after your customers click through.
  • Responsiveness: Monetate recognizes the device and browser each customer is using when they open your emails, and automatically ensures your messages render properly.