complete the collection for home furnishing

‘Complete the Collection’ for Home Furnishing with Dynamic Bundling

Home decorating is an intimately personal journey for consumers. From the couch where they binge-watch their favorite shows, to the rug that, as the Dude puts it, “ties the room together,” each piece reflects a customer’s unique style. 

But digging through endless home goods websites, apps, and catalogs to find that perfect combination of home decor, furniture, and accessories can feel overwhelming. Cutting through the clutter is an absolute necessity for consumers who may not know exactly what they want. Simplifying the process of home décor shopping is about reducing the clutter while also showcasing the appropriate items that you have available to compliment the lamp or side table someone’s been eyeing. 

‘Complete the Collection’, a personalized product bundling feature from Monetate, is the answer to choice overload and ecommerce clutter. ‘Complete the Collection’ uses AI-powered dynamic bundling to surface personalized and complementary furniture collections and decor on your home goods website.

Help Customers Bundle Home Furnishing and Decor Projects

Home decorating projects entail a lot of coordination. Consumers are often shopping for multiple pieces and attempting to coordinate a single look – furniture, textiles, lighting, and accent décor. ‘Complete the Collection’ from Monetate takes the guesswork out of this process. It’s a dynamic bundling feature that automatically generates personalized product bundles tailored to a shopper’s tastes and needs.

First, the dynamic bundling engine analyzes a customer’s browsing behavior, purchase history, and product preferences. It then uses AI-powered algorithms to create and recommend complementary product groupings from your catalog. 

A shopper eyeing a new sofa may be presented with a matching armchair, coffee table, or rug (or all three) to pull an entire look together. Or maybe someone is looking at something small like a decorative pillow – you can pair a matching pouf or throw with the pillow to help them visualize a more complete look.

Bundling boosts shopper confidence by showing how pieces work together aesthetically. This inspires shoppers to build entire room or décor collections in a single order rather than piecemealing purchases. 

For your home furnishings brand, this means larger order values and fewer abandoned carts. Think of ‘Complete the Collection’ as a scalable personal shopping service, a virtual curator creating stylish, cohesive ensembles from your product catalog for each website visitor.

Furnishing and Decorating Your Dream Home is an Extremely Personal Task

Outfitting a living space is a task that extends far beyond mere functionality. The furnishings and decor that people choose reflect their aesthetics, lifestyle, and how they want their environment to feel.

Seeing items lined up on a webpage or an app can be a lackluster experience for customers. It can also be overwhelming, particularly if a shopper isn’t sure about what they need in terms of a specific item or style. A physical show room or store helps to mitigate this overwhelm by displaying products together – pillows piled on couches, end tables complimenting a living room set, etc. 

Dynamic bundling emulates this in-person experience by tailoring product groups to align with individual shopper preferences and aesthetics. It’s also an excellent way to surface items that your customers may not be aware of – a unique lamp, wall hanging, or patchwork rug.

‘Complete the Collection’ personalizes discovery and curation by:

  • Grouping complementary décor, accessories, and accent pieces with larger furniture items a shopper has already viewed.
  • Mapping bundles to trending styles and popular collections based aggregate browsing behavior and customer preferences.
  • Prioritizing and refining bundles as shoppers narrow down criteria like budget, style, and room type.

Dynamic bundling, powered by AI and machine learning, is like having a knowledgeable salesperson on your website helping find items they’ll love.

Connect the Buyer’s Online and Offline Home Furnishing and Decor Shopping Experiences

Dynamic bundling elevates the digital discovery experience, but it’s just one piece of what’s becoming an increasingly interconnected offline/online shopping journey. 

The North American Home Furnishings Association noted that in 2024, consumers typically take a hybrid approach to buying home decor and furnishings, typically starting at the retailer’s website and often completing their purchase in-store. This omnichannel approach to shopping requires an effective omnichannel strategy. That means those personalized product recommendations should translate seamlessly into real-world shopping journeys. 

Even as online shopping proliferates, customers still crave the ability to see, touch, and experience items in person before purchasing. In some cases, retailers are beginning to integrate augmented reality to let shoppers visualize products in their own spaces. 

Other home goods retailers are allowing customers to reserve items online for in-store pickup where associates can further advise on options, measurements, and complementary accessories. 

By connecting those omnichannel journeys, you provide a cohesive experience tailored to consumer needs at every touchpoint. ‘Complete the Collection’ supports this connected approach by analyzing website behavior, historical purchases, and in-store interactions, so in-store sales associates can access the same curated product groupings and effortlessly continue the personalized recommendations.  

Improve Home Furnishing and Decor Shopping Experiences with Monetate’s Dynamic Bundles

Home decor and furnishing purchases are highly considered, emotionally-driven investments for customers who have more choice than ever when it comes to cultivating their living spaces. ‘Complete the Collection’ from Monetate empowers you to better guide shoppers through this personal process.

Dynamic bundling simplifies product discovery by automatically curating stylish, cohesive groupings tailored to each visitor’s preferences. The AI leverages:

  • Product attributes – The system automatically targets attributes like brand, category, item size, color, price point and more to group relevant items.
  • Customer data – Monetate’s AI algorithm factors in purchase histories, style affinities, and real-time browsing behaviors to inform appropriate bundles.
  • Merchandiser input – Marketing and merchandising team expertise can augment AI-driven recommendations and incorporate seasonal spotlights, featured collections, and personalized manual curation.

Monetate’s dynamic bundles simultaneously inspire shoppers, while gently nudging them toward higher order values. Connecting insights across a unified customer journey also ensures that recommendations are relevant across all channels.