Welcome to Monetate: A New Vision for Personalization

Welcome to Monetate: A New Vision for Personalization

Welcome to the New Monetate!

As you probably heard last week, Kibo made the decision to spin off its personalization business (formerly known as Monetate and Certona) to stand alone under the Monetate brand.

In case you missed this announcement, you can check out our announcement blog and the official press release on the Monetate website.

On behalf of the new team at Monetate, we are excited about the launch of Monetate as its own separate entity.

As Monetate’s new CEO, I wanted to share with you my vision for the future of Monetate and the benefits of moving forward with a singular focus on personalization.

It’s going to be an amazing journey, and I believe that our customers and partners will be excited about our future as Monetate.

Welcome (Back), Monetate?

In 2019, Kibo acquired both Monetate and Certona and brought them both under the Kibo brand.

With these acquisitions, Kibo embarked on a strategic effort to integrate two powerful solutions into a best-in-class personalization platform to complement its commerce business. And we were successful.

The result of this effort is an industry-leading, purpose-built personalization solution that, with hundreds of clients and growing, is proven to meet the needs of the market.

In fact, Kibo Personalization has won several TrustRadius Top Rated awards and most recently was ranked as the 2022 #1 Personalization Vendor to the Top 1000 retailers. It is this recognition and continued trust from our customers that have helped us to evolve and grow into creating such a strong platform.

Moving forward, the decision to spin off Monetate and Certona under the new Monetate brand will enable Monetate to take this robust personalization platform to even greater heights focusing on growth and expansion.

This transaction will unlock the full potential of the personalization business and enable Monetate to pursue a horizontal growth strategy in verticals outside of retail, serve clients around the globe, and deepen relationships with our partners.

So, while there was a Monetate before us, our team looks forward to taking the rich legacy of the brand Monetate created and combining it with our data science learnings from Certona, and our innovation with Kibo, to launch the new Monetate. We stand on the shoulders of the efforts of so many and are grateful for our legacy.

We are thrilled to be able to devote our time exclusively to helping our customers achieve their goals through enabling the creation, testing, and launch of dynamic, engaging digital experiences for customers.

Building the New Monetate: Vision for the Future

With the changes just announced, we enter into a new Monetate that is poised for growth. We are backed by a partner who supports our vision of broadening our reach to new industry verticals and to clients’ new geographies. We can take charge of our destiny by expanding deeper into the digital experience space through partnerships and acquisitions not possible in the past. And we can rebuild the brand that was synonymous with excellent customer experience. We can make Monetate a verb again.

If you are a Certona or Kibo Personalization client or partner, you can expect the following from Monetate:

Singular Focus 
We are singularly focused on building the future of personalization and digital experience. Our team will no longer be engaged in selling and supporting eCommerce and Order Management products.

Increased Investment
Centre Lane Partners is dedicated to supporting Monetate’s growth. By investing in the company, we will be able to strengthen our product roadmap and the supporting talent across the new business.

Experienced Commitment
Our team of 160+ brings decades of personalization experience from the Monetate and Certona businesses. With this transaction, the team is excited and dedicated to bringing our company and clients to new heights.

It’s an exciting time to be at Monetate and I look forward to leading this team of talented individuals as we move into the next phase of making digital personal.