Meet the CX Alliance: Monetate, Tealium, Contentsquare, and Bazaarvoice

Meet the CX Alliance: Monetate, Tealium, Contentsquare, and Bazaarvoice

Monetate is excited to introduce a new partnership: The CX Alliance!

The CX Alliance (CXA) is a partnership between Monetate, Tealium, Contentsquare, and Bazaarvoice. With this new alliance, we are bringing together four vendors with technology that complement each other well to help digital teams make sense of how to best use their tech stack to execute a top-level digital strategy.

The mission of the CXA is to solve the challenge that oftentimes occurs with various customer experience tools, where each of the tools might not play well together. By not integrating seamlessly, it is time-consuming to pass data from one tool to the next, making it harder for digital teams to leverage the tools to the best of their ability.

Also, we’ve found that customer experience tools often sit within different teams which exacerbates silos. Therefore, team members are often dealing with execution on a tactical level rather than on a strategic level because the solution sits within a small team.

So, by working together seamlessly, Monetate, Tealium, Contentsquare, and Bazaarvoice all complement each other well and can be used separately or in various combinations to help digital teams craft the best digital customer experience and journey for customers.

Meet the Members of the CXA

Tealium is a customer data platform that provides teams with a 360-degree view of the customer across multiple channels – e.g., in-store, customer service, web, app, mobile, email, etc.

Contentsquare is a digital experience analytics platform that helps diagnose what problems are occurring and why problems are occurring across your digital experiences.

Bazaarvoice is a UGC platform that provides teams with the ability to collect, share and analyze user-generated content to drive more revenue for businesses.

Monetate is an ecommerce personalization and CRO platform that provides teams with the ability to personalize and optimize the digital experience.

Why use Monetate with each of these partners?

Tealium + Monetate

Tealium provides a lot of data that is ready to be actioned on, but without technology to execute on the data, you cannot make money from it. Monetate provides the ability to execute on the data Tealium provides to generate richer and more relevant personalized experiences based on the entire customer journey across all channels in real time, so the personalization and optimizations delivered are more informed and more impactful.

Use Case:  
With Tealium + Monetate you can leverage in-store purchase data and email engagement to inform what products and content to tailor when customers come onto the mobile or desktop website.

Contentsquare + Monetate

Contentsquare provides insight to understand what problems exist within your digital channels and why. Monetate is then the tool to validate that the proposed solution you want to implement is the right one and is also the solution itself to the problem with its personalization capabilities. Contentsquare diagnoses the problem, while Monetate validates and then executes the solution.

Use Case:  
With Contentsquare and Monetate, Brand X can identify what is and what is not working on a Product Detail Page (PDP), such as generating insights. For example, by determining the optimal position of a product recommendation carousel, you can then use Monetate to test and validate the insight generated in Contentsquare. For instance, Brand X might receive the suggestion that product recommendations should go above the feature description e.g., to then validate that the solution will materially result in revenue/performance lifts.

Bazaarvoice + Monetate

Bazaarvoice provides UGC data and content for the website. Monetate is able to optimize when and where that UGC should appear within the customer journey and inform what products or content to recommend based on Bazaarvoice’s UGC data to make the experience more relevant.

Use Case:  
Use ratings and reviews data to inform what products to recommend in product recommendations. For example, if someone has previously given a product a 1-star review, then hide this product or look alikes being recommended in the future and boost products that have been given 5-star reviews.

Why use the entire CX Alliance vs other complimentary solutions?

All four technologies are best of breed solutions that have long term existing partnerships and clients and the experience to help ease the way in which each technology plays together.

With CXA we are doing joint QBRs with all four partners in one room with the client to remove team silos, get greater alignment and remove the frustration of having the same meeting multiple times with multiple disparate vendors.

With CXA we have over 250+ shared clients and a plethora of built-out use cases with more coming soon to help customers understand how to use the technologies in harmony.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit our Partners page. Or if you want to get started and explore working with the CX Alliance, contact Monetate.