Formerly Certona Product Recommendations

Certona Is Now Monetate

Different name. Same trusted solution. The core functionality of Certona Recommendations, is now Monetate Product Recommendations with some noted improvements.

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Certona Product Recommendations

Formerly Certona Product Recommendations

Monetate Product Recommendations, formerly Certona Recommendations, is a scalable solution that allows marketers to deliver personalized recommendations while adhering to resource constraints, business needs, and merchandising requirements.

Monetate Product Recommendations delivers results such as: increased average order value, higher profits and better engagement.

Don’t take our word for it, see what one of our customers, Outdoor & Cycle Concepts, had to say about Monetate Product Recommendations.

What is Certona?

In 2019, Kibo acquired both Monetate and Certona to create a unified commerce cloud platform including personalization to help brands and retailers boost CX. 

Monetate and Certona were both known for their robust personalization platforms harnessing the power of AI in creating custom tailored experiences. 

But, in 2022 Kibo made the decision to spin off its personalization business into one separate company that would live under the Monetate moniker.

Under the revitalized brand, Monetate is now able to harness the power of both the Monetate and Certona platforms in one unified personalization solution for top brands to make true personalization a reality.

Featuring cutting-edge product discovery, experimentation and personalization, today’s Monetate platform is stronger than ever  thanks to bringing these two personalization powerhouses under one roof.

How the Move From Certona Recommendations to Monetate Benefits Brands

Shoppers expect personalized experiences, which include recommendations of relevant products and merchandise. Monetate Product Recommendations helps customers find the products they love. 

Featuring best-in class algorithms, it’s easy to build and launch product recommendations that help move inventory with Monetate’s centralized UI and sentence-based experience-building. The unified and intuitive interface makes for quick onboarding and training across merchandising and digital teams.

Plus, with advanced rea-time personalization, contextual relevance, and cross-channel capabilities, Monetate Product Recommendations easily scale digital programs. 

But our AI and automation can support to the degree by which you see fit. Merchandisers and marketers can use dynamic filters and slotting for even more control over recommendation strategies and product feeds. 

Most importantly, with Monetate Product Recommendations, users can lean on Monetate’s robust A/B and multivariate testing engine to continually iterate on and optimize recommendations. This ensures that companies extract the maximum value out of their merchandising and personalization initiatives.

Monetate Product Recommendations Customer Success Stories

Our customers have a lot to say about our product recommendation solutions and their success stories speak to exactly how Monetate can contribute to better, more personalized experiences.

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