Social Proof Tools for eCommerce

Want a quick way to boost conversions, engagement, and clickthroughs on PLP’s and PDP’s? Look no further than Monetate’s Social Proof.

Monetate Social Proof delivers well-timed, customized, and hyper-relevant messaging throughout the customer journey to encourage a desired action. It’s what we like to call a true “game changer” for your results.

Social Proof Tools for eCommerce

30X ROI from Implementation

Achieved by Toolstation with Social Proof

15+ Years

Experience in the personalization space


Deliver Engaging Messages that Drive Performance

Encourage visitors to make decisions more confidently and faster by displaying real-time information on inventory levels, or about how many people are looking, adding to cart, or buying at the right time in the customer journey.

Improve Engagement & Trust

Translate in-store experiences online by displaying real-time information and the right message, at the right time.

Reduce Cart Abandonment & Increase AOV

Hang on to would-be customers at critical stages of the funnel, like product and cart pages, through well-timed messaging.

Greater ROI from Social Media

Traffic from social channels responds significantly better when shown social proof messaging.


Leverage a Variety of Social Proof Strategies

  • Scarcity Messaging: Create a fear of missing out or FOMO amongst shoppers that encourages visitors to buy sooner rather than later.
  • Popularity Messaging: Build trust and reassure would-be customers to make a purchase.
  • Personalized Social Proof: Differentiate your social proof messaging from your competitors by personalizing the social proof messaging based on visitor data.
  • Trending: Unsure of what optimal amount of views, carts, or purchases are necessary to show social proof messaging? Remove the guess work with social proof trending.


Deploy powerful social proof messaging with ease

  • We’ve pulled together best-in-class, complementary capabilities from Certona and Monetate into a single enterprise marketing and merchandising platform.
  • Monetate’s unique architecture impacts site load speed 300-500x less than competitors on average so that you can test at scale without repercussions.
  • Our Professional Services Team gives 30-60-90-day action plans to ensure you get value quickly from Monetate Personalization and learn how to best analyze your audiences to create impactful personalized experiences.
  • Monetate has over 1,000+ clients and 15+ years of experience in the personalization space.


With Social Proof, a Monetate Feature, Toolstation Sees 30x ROI

Straight away, performance went through the roof.” Matt Bloska Conversion Manager

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