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Monetate Releases New Social Proof Personalization Experiences: Trending & Recommended for You

Monetate is excited to announce the launch of two new experiences as part of Monetate Social Proof for Personalization – Trending & Recommended for You.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is a feature that is part of the Monetate Personalization platform that enables organizations, including brands and retailers, to display previous collective user behavior on a product or set of products to encourage individual shoppers to also purchase the items, tapping into the basic human instinct to follow the group.

Monetate Social Proof New Features: Trending & Recommended for You


Monetate Social Proof previously leveraged popularity messaging based on views, carts, and purchases, with marketers having to manually define at what point social proof should appear on certain products based on a threshold point, e.g., if this product is viewed 20 times, then show a social proof message of “popular item.”

But now with the new Monetate Social Proof Trending, we are taking the guesswork out of understanding when social proof should or should not appear on products and automating that process for you to improve efficiency.

With typical threshold-based social proof technologies, the problem marketers have is understanding at which point should they set a threshold minimum and maximum points. If the point is set too low then too many products have social proof messaging, but if the threshold limit is set too high then not enough products have social proof messaging and marketers miss out on opportunities to drive more revenue from social proof.

With Monetate Social Proof Trending we have removed the guesswork by automating the optimal point to show or not to show social proof messaging to save time and increase merchandising efficiency.

Benefits of Monetate Social Proof Trending:

  • Improve merchandising efficiency
  • Remove the guesswork from understanding at what point is best to set the threshold limits/minimum points.

Recommended for You

When it comes to the new Monetate Social Proof Recommended for You, every single social proof software available currently shows social proof messaging that is generic i.e., not personalized to the individual customer.

It does not matter what a customer’s previous history is with the eCommerce website or brand, the customer will still be shown social proof messaging on products that are generally popular across the board.

But, with Monetate Social Proof Recommended for You, Monetate is defining which products get social proof messaging based on previous user interactions. Therefore, social proof messaging is more relevant to the individual user’s journey on the website.

The problem with social proof messaging is that it is not always relevant to the individual user. For example, a customer visits the Adidas website with a need to buy shoes but sees a lot of social proof messaging around buying t-shirts. If a buyer is not looking for t-shirts, then this social proof messaging is more distracting, than helpful.

To combat this issue, social proof messaging needs to be more relevant to the returning visitor so that social proof acts as a tool to encourage purchases rather than distract the visitor from achieving their mission.

This is where Monetate Social Proof Recommended for You is effective. By leveraging previous individual visitor data, Recommended for You shows social proof messaging that is personalized to the individual coming onto the website for the products they are interested in so that marketers are not distracting visitors away from their goal.

With Monetate Social Proof Recommended for You, marketers can leverage social proof in the way that it was meant to be used – to incentivize and encourage users to act and respond to social proof messages relevant to items they are actually interested in purchasing.

Benefits of Monetate Social Proof Recommended for You:

  • Avoid showing social proof messaging on products that visitors do not need or have an interest in to make the customer journey simpler and less distracting.
  • Create a more holistically personalized experience for visitors by adding a personalized element to social proof:
  • A marketer’s goal is to make every touchpoint as relevant and personalized as possible. But, if the product recommendations and search are super personalized, while social proof is generic, this leads to a disconnected experience with some parts being personalized, while others are not.

Ready to Get Started with Monetate Social Proof?

If you’re a current Monetate customer who is interested in learning more about these new features for Monetate Social Proof, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

If you’re not a Monetate customer but would like to learn more about Monetate Social Proof, please feel free to contact us.