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Make the right products jump off the page.

Emphasize key product attributes with badges that display on top of existing images and help customers make purchase decisions.

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Real-Time Visual Cues

Emphasize the product attributes that matter to each visitor segment.

Website visitors will make split-second decisions about whether to buy from you or a competitor.
These are choices that involve not just what you sell, but the value you can deliver.

Use Your
Existing Images

Fast, scalable experiences.

Overlay badges on your existing images. There's no need to burden your creative team to produce new assets, and no complicated deployments that involve swapping one image for another.

Just three steps...

  • Choose your badge.
  • Drag badge to desired location.
  • Launch campaign!

Site-Wide Consistency

Maintain the scent trail, from click to conversion.

The same products can often be found in more than one section of the website, such as the Homepage, Product Detail Pages, and more. Badge with site-wide consistency so that regardless of where visitors enter or go they see the same experiences that help them make purchase decisions.

Experience Optimization

Take the next step: Synchronize tactics, target your audience, test for success.

Sync with Visual Search and Recommendations

Badging helps drive purchase decisions by emphasizing the key product attributes that matter to each customer. But customers can't purchase what they can't find. Put the right products in front of every visitor, every time. Learn more about Monetate Visual Search and Monetate Recommendation.

Targeted Badging

Personalize every Badging experience, such as emphasizing "Cold Weather" clothing to customers where the temperature is below freezing. Highlight the most relevant product attributes, every time, accounting for each customer's past and real-time behaviors, demographics, current and forecasted weather, proximity to a store, distribution center, or other location—and so much more.
Learn more about Monetate Personalization.

Show the Seats 8
badge to customers with
an affinity for this type of vehicle.

Show the 4X4
badge to customers
where it's snowing.

Test to See What Works

Test different badges against one another, or against a Control Group that is shown your product images without any badges. Advanced A/B/n and Multivariate tests make it easy to discover what works best for every customer.

Test A

Show some visitors your
On Sale badge.

Test B

Show others the
Clearance badge.


Compare performance to the original image.

Core Features

Built-in performance features and automation that make all the difference.

The foundation of each Monetate solution is designed to make marketing optimization easier, faster, and smarter than you ever thought possible. The underlying DNA of these Core Features is driven by technology, automation, reusability, and a commitment to sophistication through simplicity.

Explore Our Core Features

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